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Releasing Program to compare Armor vs Penetration

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Hello everyone!

I have been working on a project for a while and have decided to release it to everyone. I have designed an Excel Spreadsheet and entered all of the data for armor thickness and angle and all of the gun data for all guns in the game (not small arms).

It's complicated to program, but fairly straight forward to understand. (refer to the attached image - this is the user page) These graphs show a simplified ratio of relative gun performance to armor thickness. It interpolates the gun performance for losses in penetration over range AND armor angle. (It does frontal engagements only, for now.) For example 100mm of penetration on an armor plate that is 100mm thick is 100%. 50mm penetration is 50%... and so on.

Thousands of trials that I have done show that with a % less than 90% very few penetrations (including partial) occur, such as weak points. The worst you normally get is some spall. Above 110% there is over 90% chance of penetration. At 125% there is over 90% chance of full penetration, with either full penetration or complete ricochet.

If you look at the included and highly unfair example... On the left we have selected the Ferdinand with APCBC ammo, on the right a T-34M43 with APBC. On the Ferdinand, the turret and upper hull are at only 40%. THIS IS NOT A 40% CHANCE OF PENETRATION! This is a 0% chance of penetration! (There is of course a 5% chance of damage to external drive gear or primary weapons system.) You can see that the more heavily sloped lower hull is much more resistant to penetration versus this ammo type.

As for the T-34, you can see that up to 2km in range there is a very good chance that a hit to any part of the front of this vehicle will penetrate. There is an irrelevant, but lower percentage for the highly sloped hull.

This gives you a quick and easy visual reference of which frontal surface are vulnerable and at what range. Remember of course that there are many other variables such as accuracy and rate of fire that determine the outcome, but it's great for figuring out safety & danger envelopes and determining shot for shot who has an advantage.

It does show the numerical figures on another part of the screen if you want to view them as well.

The program is complete. I am just entering all of my data which is taking a long time, but I am nearly done. All I request is a $5 donation to my website. I will email the file to you. If you have already made a donation to my website, remind me and I will gladly send you the file right away. As new data gets entered I will send out new versions of the file as soon as they are complete.


If interested, shoot me an email:


My website:




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Another Donation on the way.

I hope you didn't copy the data all by hand. Did you know that there are excel sheets with all the penetration data?

In fact I'm more interested in a CMAK version of this programme. Any chance of using the CMAK Excel sheets to get the CMAK data in?

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Glad you guys like it. Somebody dug up the old post. Now I have to figure out how to edit my post on this new forum because the new version pic doesn't match the text.

As far as CMAK/CMBO data. Yes, it can be added... with maybe between a few days and a week of straight work. I will do it though, maybe when I am away at work. As far as the spreadsheets that are our there- they are a different format than I had to use for this program. I can type fast and have my own spreadsheets. The maker of those spreadsheets would not release them to me (since they are kind of copyrighted), even when this was a free project. That's cool, it's his choice.

I have spent a tremendous amount of time on this game, what is on my website is maybe only about 2%, literally, of the work I have done. The maker of the spreadsheets did an awesome job, don't get me wrong, but there are mistakes. (There are certainly mistakes in mine too, probably some that are the same as his, because I checked my work with his!)

BIG REVISION UNDER WAY. Those who get it today or later will get this new version. Please be patient while I plug in all of the equations!


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