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Sorry, Steve, I just can't let it go - CMBB ain't complete....

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...I know that Leutnant Hortlund wouldn't want this matter to just rest, and it's clear that the collective knowledge of this board - so easily acquired from those classic Russian Front movies - has proven BTS unequal to the task of a realistic portrayal of combat in the Great Patriotic War.

I'm not talking about JS-IIIs or BS about horses and motorcycles. Think back to those classic portrayals of Russian Front combat, STALINGRAD by Vilsmaier and CROSS OF IRON by Peckinpah and you'll see where the crux of the matter is: none of this is portrayed in CMBB, so how realistic could it possibly be?

a) maniacal, well groomed officers with the rank of Hauptmann, who make life miserable for the men below them by their slavish devotion to orders and regulations

B) cute little Russian boys who are adopted by the Germans, then released in a fit of compassion and humanity, then tragically killed

c) good looking Russian women whose only purpose is to be raped by German soldiers

d) the obligatory German in each platoon who speaks Russian

e) an anachronistic mix of M43 uniforms in the late 42-early 43 period

f) mixed waffenfarben for all the German soldiers in any given unit

g) infantry overruns by T-34s

h) Officers ranked Hauptmann who receive medals but either didn't deserve them, or are intimated by their men not to have deserved them.

All of these elements are present in 100 percent of the major war movies made about the Russian Front in English in the years 1977 and 1993. That none of this would be included in the 1.02 patch is, well, quite stupefying, really.

By the way, Steve, you corporate sellout, I got my CADPAT - sort of. Don't have the boonie hat, though I have a friend working on finding a spare one to send down. Don't hold your breath though. I borrowed a spare set to wear to weekly parade, and was promptly told that Canadian Forces-wide orders prohibit anyone from wearing borrowed clothing. So my unit still waits for CADPAT, while my brand new set sits unused in the closet.

You probably have a full set by now, come to think of it...though the IR stuff isn't supposed to be making it to the open market.

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Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

I'm not talking about JS-IIIs or BS about horses and motorcycles.

Thank you for making the distinction between horses and motorcycles being "BS," whereas horses on motorcycles is an obviously valid request to fix a travesty of omission.
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