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? re FOW and spotting

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Just want to be sure re one thing: If I decide to play with no FOW, will it be easier for my units to spot targets? Or will they still have the same restrictions when it comes to seeing the opfor? In other words, even with no FOW, unless I tell my lads to target on something, they may not spot it and shoot it even though I --as player-- can see it. Put one more way, choosing no FOW should not have an effect on what my players can and can not see, right?

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If you use no FOW, then your units will perfectly id every unit in LOS. They will know its experience level, and number of men, etc.

They will not be able to spot anything they couldn't see anyway, if I understand your question. Terrain, smoke, and so on, will still keep the opposition hidden.

Hope that helps.

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Actually, if you select Fog Of War: "NO",

you will be able to see _everything_. Hidden units in a trench in a heavy building surrounded by pines will still be shown to you.

Can't imagine what fun it would be playing with _that_ setting! OK for teaching, I guess, kinda like playing cards with an open hand.

I think that the scenario described in the previous post is Fog of War: "Partial".

Note that this is clearly described on P70 of the manual ;)

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With no FOW playing against the computer. Does the computer also have no FOW? If that was the case there would be no use with this setting at all.

As a learner I like full FOW but may move to Extreme soon. I am not realy sure but I think I see the tanks etc quicker with Full than Extreme, and since I have just downloaded some mods I want to see more of them.

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