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  1. The move times may be causing the problem. For the first time slot, I always set "move before" to 30 seconds or something very short. That way the reinforcements move out soon after they arrive (I often forgot to set this in the past).
  2. Never mind...seems they weren't from the same core group.....doh......
  3. I'm playing a user made campaign, and I'm noticing that soldier names are changing from scenario to scenario. Also, either the unit is receiving 100% replacements or the results are not transferring to new scenarios. What design missteps might cause the non-transference of names and results? I'm pretty sure all the the scenarios come from the same core group....
  4. George, thanks so much for the reply, but I'm not seeing this. The reinforcements are always showing up where they're placed during the deployment phase, even when the very large painted AI plan set-up zone is within a deployment zone (red 1). Will they default to their deployment location if they are within my LOS/LOF?
  5. Do Opfor reinforcements enter a scenario where they are placed on a map in the Deploy Units section of the editor, or do they enter in the set-up zone painted on the map during AI scripting? Thanks in advance
  6. YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA! I've been waiting for this since I first played Steel Panthers....
  7. I know this is probably a long shot, but is there any chance Opfor AI triggers will be included in the list of editor enhancements for the Marine module?
  8. According to the manual, if you do not paint an area on the map to correspond to a new AI order but you ask for a change in stance, the opfor will stay in place but will change its activity level. When I try to do this, however, the new order (the one with no areas painted on the map) has disappeared after I exit and then re-open the file. (Basically, I'm trying to get the opfor to hide and then to really open up after a certain period of time. But this will not work, obviously, if the order doesn't save...) Why is this happening? Is the manual wrong? AAAAHGH [ March 26, 2008, 05:
  9. Just curious about this, so Battlefront please don't take this as a whining -- this is an authentic question-- What are the programming challenges for giving potential FOs the same or similar targeting capacities as tanks (i.e., the ability to designate a target and make the decision to fire). We may be able to come up with better suggestions if we can better understand the difficulties involved. Does the trickiness stem from the fact, for example, that FOs designate a patch of ground rather than a specific target? VR EoW
  10. I've been letting them have the arty assets that are included with a battalion, along with an FO. Still nothing, as far as I can tell. Maybe their FOs are getting killed off early on?
  11. How does one get the computer controlled opfor to call for arty support during the course of a battle? I've had no problems using the arty support "paint brush" to plan for preliminary bombardments, but never do I see a fire mission directed at me after the battle is under weigh. thx
  12. Thanks, George. And zulu bravo on the great resources.
  13. Do I have this right? Terrain objectives simply designate important areas on the map; they do not impact the computer-controlled opfor's behavior in any way.
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