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Soviet deep operations.

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Look at Glantz's Soviet operational Art and Conduct of Tactical Manouver. Also Mikhail Tuchachevskii - Deep Battle (Simpkin?). I will get the details tonight for you. See also the many article in Soviet Military History Journal or Journal SLavic/Soviet Military History.

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Other Means,

If you are specifically asking about deep operations, I suggest you read Triandafillov's The Nature of the Operations of Modern Armies. This book was crucial to the development of Soviet operational art, being published in 1929. Another more recent book is Richard Harrison's Russian Way of War.

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thanks for all the responses. i'll probably pick up the Glantz first, although i do find his books a chore.

Andreas. thanks for the site. the posts in this forum & that site are what sparked my interest in the first place. however i don't really have the time to go through all the journals etc, so i need a condensed version.

cheers all.

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