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Mega CMMOS Update at CMHQ!

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Ok, finally the update is ready. It's time for the "Big Boys" of CMBB CMMOS Update. 20 of the biggest, baddest vehicles in the game. Spice up your huge battles with better looking Sturmtigers, IS2's, etc. Also, MikeT's CMMOS "How To" tutorial is included as well.

Here it is:




edited because I spell like my first grader

[ May 15, 2003, 08:55 PM: Message edited by: jwxspoon ]

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Thank you Jwxspoon, MikeT and everyone else involved for keeping CMMOS alive. As I now have a better idea of what is involved, I hope that everyone who downloads and uses these mods to enhance CM appreciates just how much time and effort you guys put it.


I recommend the Tutorial Pack. If I could figure it out and use it, anyone can. No more waiting for the update - make your own!

Thanks again


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Hi All smile.gif

regarding the new Luchs mods now residing at CMHQ..some people may not like them dirty..so i will see about breaking my Duck and have the "clean" versions hosted at the CM Mods Database site. These will NOT be CMMOS enabled when i send them as i am a stinkin Mac user tongue.gif who has not got a clue about that neferious app Gordon The Great created in lieu of world Domination ;)



ps...work is proceeding afoot on its lil' Brother..will see about a pix in due course :D

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Okay I finally got there and downloaded some of the mods: I'll get the rest later. If anyone's downloaded Kingfisher's_King_Tiger_V2_CMMOS4 & noticed a pink spot in the muzzle brake of the Volksturm camo KT, I have a fix for you. I downloaded the original non CMMOS mod from you know where & did a little surgery. I renamed the muzzle brake bmp from that one to match the bmp from the CMMOS version & voila no more pink spot!. If you want a copy of this bmp email me & I'll send it to you. Unfortunately I'll be out of town for the weekend so you won't get it 'til Monday or Tuesday.

P.S. Could someone please remove or place the April CMMOS update page somewhere else on the CMHQ website? I just tried to download a couple of more mods & I'm back to the April page again. I tried hitting the reload button & the April update page is still coming up.

[ May 16, 2003, 04:54 PM: Message edited by: Rob Murray ]

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