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  1. That's what I sort of figured after watching the painfully slow first crossing. Lesson learned. My other platoon is just going to have to hoof it I reckon. But I probably wasted a good four minutes or so positioning them where I did for their 2nd crossing. No wait, I mean I have them kept well in reserve! Yea that's it!! Thanks all...
  2. That makes so much sense it hurts. I guess I was assuming it had a "driver" or something. Feelin' stupid now....
  3. I am playing a scenario using assault boats. Have to admit, in my memory, I don't ever remember using them and it shows. I landed a couple of platoons across a river and now want to get the boats back to pick up round two. But the move command is disabled? Not sure what is going on. Are they one time use? Are they "grounded" and maybe I have to push them back in to the water? I've already wasted a 60 second turn trying to get the damn things to work and can't afford to waste another. Any help appreciated.
  4. If I had a dollar for every time I said that to the wife... Takes all the fun right out of it.
  5. Oh, I think you misinterpreted what I said. I said people found attempting to argue or discuss anything with JC to be pointless. I never implied anyone believed him to be correct. In fact, at this point, I think most people know him well enough that they simply don't bother for the simple fact that, as I said, it's pointless to hope for a rational discussion once he makes his mind up. I give you this thread as exhibit A. Or exhibit 10,593,543 depending on which system you want to use.
  6. Think back to my "banging your head against a brick wall" comment that you found cryptic at the time. Sometimes a pointless endeavour is just that, pointless.
  7. Actually it started when someone that most people would never even worry about being a cheater was accused of being a cheater without any basis whatsoever. Who would have ever that such toolish behavior would result in him defending himself...
  8. That is an excellent quote. I missed it on weBoB because I didn't follow that thread to long. Definitely applies to more than chess. CM, poker, etc. Many other too I am sure. But I've seen many people personally take the fun right out of the two I mentioned, either in a drive for excellence in what is simply a computer game, or in an effort to take something that was fun and try to make a living from it. I hope to never reach that point in either case. I think I'm safe.
  9. I, like you, don't really worry about such issues. I really don't think I've run in to this in a game in my limited CM experience. Therefore I don't really think a "solution" is necessary. My point, which I didn't think was THAT cryptic given your experience here at BTS, is that arguing with JC once he has decided to dig is heels in is totally and utterly pointless. No rational exchange of ideas is going to take place. He has no desire to engage in any sort of meaningful dialog or discussion. And I think you fully understand this. i.e. I think now you're just playing with him and get a sort of
  10. DT, is your other hobby banging your head endlessly against a brick wall?
  11. Did I not read here also that the load time of the Firefly is greatly exaggerated compared to what it was in real life? i.e. It fires many more rounds in a minute of game time than it should.
  12. While I agree with you on both points, I am just pointing out the reality of the situation for you so that you aren't caught unawares. Your first sentence leads me to believe you understand the situation here and that's fine. I just didn't want you treading on the thin ice that is this forum without knowing where you stood. So long as you know, mission accomplished.
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