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***Call up for ROW reserves***

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I am looking for any person interested in becoming a reserve for the ROW III tourneys. As of right now I do not have any reserves, and I've been informed that several players have dropped out, so there is strong chance that you could be playing in the tourney right away.

Please keep in mind that in some instances you might be asked to take over a game already in progress, with all the challenges that go with it. In addition, you must be able to finish your games by May 20th. That is a firm deadline.

If you are interested, and would like further information, please e-mail me right away. My address is in my profile.

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If case you didn't spot it, I am looking for somebody to take over my spot in RoW III.

Of the 5 games 2 are about halfway through, 2 pretty much progressed and one has only seen a half-movie yet. I think I leave them in pretty good shape and in any case you can blame me for any defeat you suffer.

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Well, I left replying a little late so the more experienced could reply but with such a limited amount of people foward I like to sign up as replacement too.

Be forewarned though that I'm a Noobie (with online play atleast) with the tremendous ability to make awfull mistakes wich the AI wouldn't exploit but you lot will punish with glee.

I do however have time to spare in shiploads so I could participate with no problem.

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OK if there are still places available sign me up - If all places have gone I'm happy to remain on standby to join at short notice.

Not 100% sure how the Nabla scoring system works or if there are any 'club' rules regarding what is acceptable play .... but I'm sure somebody will point out any errors on my part :rolleyes:

I should easily manage 1 or 2 emails per day during the week and LOTS more over the weekend.


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