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PzIVF2 vs. PzIVG(early)

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I believe the only difference I could discern when doing mods of the F2 and G was a VERY slight difference in suspension units (the F2 of course has the older type). But that might've been coincidental to - and not diagostic of - the difference between F2 and G. G might just be a new bureaucratic designation. PzIVs were notorious for the different marks overlapping in details. Some older reference books didn't even recognize a PzIV Mk H. They just jumped from late G to early J!

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Originally posted by Shmavis:

Guys, can you tell me about some or all of the differences between these two vehicles? Thanks, in advance.

The trouble is, there are more differences between different kinds of G than there are between an F2 and an early G, or a late G and an H.

In practical CM terms, the difference between an F2 and a G might be 30mm of armour and an L/48 instead of an L/43 gun, or it might be nothing at all.

Chamberlain, Doyle & Jentz have this to say (some of the syntax goes a bit wobbly in the middle, I think it means all Gs had extra armour from Dec 42):

"From late March 1943, the 7.5cm KwK40 L/48 was installed instead of the L/43, with a total of 1,275 Ausf G receiving the L/43. Delivery of the Ausf G with additional armour bolted or welded to the front of the hull and superstructure began on 20 June 1942. Starting at 18 per month from July to November 1942, half of the Ausf G production were to be fitted with additional armour, from December 1942, resulting in approximately 700 Ausf G having the extra protection.

Specific features: The early Ausf G was identical with the F2. This gradually changed throughout the production run as improvements were introduced. The first change entailed vision ports being eliminated from the turret sides and in the loader's side of the turret front. Other changes, in the summer of 1942, included a new style muzzle brake, installing a system which allowed the transfer of coolant to another Pz Kpfw to aid cold-weather starting, and smoke-dischargers mounted on the turret side instead of the hull rear. In January 1943, the driver's episcope (KFF2) was eliminated. In March 1943, a new cupola with thicker armour and a single-piece hatch was introduced together with "Schürzen", which were thin steel plates attached to the sides of the hull and which surrounded the turret sides and rear. The very late models of the Ausf G received a new type of drive sprocket, and the radio antenna was moved to the left hull rear, making it almost impossible to distinguish a late Ausf G from an early Ausf H."

If you want to know the difference between a late G and an early H, it's the new transmission.

All the best,


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