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Helfen Sie bitte(Help please)

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AAAAAAAAAH! Auf was geht? Ich habe einen Königtiger, der in der Mitte von der Straße eingestellt wird, in einer Stadt, mit Fußtruppen unterstützt in den umgebenden Gebäuden zu sichern, daß er von der Flanke nicht geschlagen ist. Dann aus dem blauen, kommt ein einsam t-34--no Stütze von irgendeiner Art. Als es die Straße mein König Tiger begane heruntergekommen ist,; das erste herum zu feuern, hat und der zweit ricocheted ab davon verpaßt. Nach der Sekunde rund, das t-34 aufgehaltene und hat gefeuert. Seine Schale hat schickend meinen Königtiger in Panik durchdrungen. Der t-34's Sekunde Schuß hat es aus geklopft. Kann dies wirklich, ein Kopf-zu-Kopfduell zwischen einen t-34 und einem Familientiger geschehen?

(AAAAAAAAAH! What is going on?

I have a King Tiger positioned in the center of the street, in a town, with infantry support in the surrounding buildings to ensure that he is not hit from the flank. Then, out of the blue, comes a lone t-34--no support of any kind. As it came down the street my King Tiger begane to fire; the first round missed and the second ricocheted off of it. After the second round, the t-34 stopped and fired. Its shell penetrated sending my King Tiger into panic. The t-34's second shot knocked it out. Can this really happen,a head-to-head duel between a t-34 and a Kin Tiger?)

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Können Sie wie eine 75 mm herum durchdringen acht Zollrüstungen an Zwei Hundert Fünfzig Meter, wenn eine 88 mm der t-34's, welche fünf Zollrüstung nicht durchdringen können? Es muß ein kleiner Fehler oder göttliches Glück sein.

(How can a 75mm round penetrate eight inch armor at Two Hundred Fifty Meters when an 88mm can't penetrate the t-34's, what five inch armor? It has to be a glitch or divine luck.)

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Tigerkommendant, da du offensichtlich nicht deutschsprachig bist (im Gegensatz zu anderen Leuten, u.a. mir selbst), benutze bitte nur die englische Sprache hier in diesem Forum. Danke!

Tigerkommendant, since you are obviously not a German-speaker (as opposed to some other people, including myself), please use only the english language in this forum. Thanks!


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Originally posted by John D Salt:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Sergei:

Jaahas, onkos se RKP täälläkin kaapannut vallan?

(Has this become a multilingual forum all of the sudden?)

Non, pas que je sache.

Meilleurs voeux,

John. </font>

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There were more clues for the the German speakers.

Such as the guns firing "fruit peels" (mistranslation of shell),

a situation that was "closed like a door" rather than "near". Translation out of your native language by dictionary alone usually doesn't work too well.

I recall an incident from a fellow student during my foreign study, when one of their German proofreading friends couldn't figure out a phrase about how some particular military incident contributed to "das Backfett des Krieges."

It was a classic case of late-night dictionary lookup. "Backfett" is, of course, baking fat -- otherwise known as shortening.

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I remember reading a story regarding British intelligence during WW2.

In 1941 when the Germans were building up their forces to move in to Greece the British intercepted a message which said that the Germans were building up their forces at a rate of one Platoon per day. They were somewhat puzzled by this extremely slow and leisurely build up of German forces until one fluent German speaker pointed out that the German word for platoon...Zug also meant Train.

The Germans were in fact building up at a rate of one train load per day smile.gif

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Please ignor all of this bull@#$%. I have been out of town for the past two weeks. Looks like my little brother has been in my folders. He downloaded this damn translating Software on the computer and it won't come off. Sorry about the inconvienience.


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