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Three years of SC - final tcp/ip rankings


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Ok sunset of sc is more or less a fact as SC 2 is on the way. So lets see, who was overall the best in the heavyweight division during these years;

1. Terif

2. Rambo

3. Zappsweden

4. Dragonheart

5. Codename condor

6. Hellraiser(cosmin)

7. Avatar

8. Liam

9. Sombra

10. Iron Ranger

11. Hombreplin

12. Sand castle

13. Kuniworth

14. Hueristic

15. Irishguards

16. Wachtmeister

17. Dalmatia Partisan

18. Archibald

19. Brian the Wise

20. Waltero

21. Comrade Trapp

22. some_god

23. Serbian

24. Leopard

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Originally posted by zappsweden:

"Final rankings"???

Quit the Bull****, Kuni!

You gonna bury us alive? :mad:

This is bull**** topic, no point in having final rankings until... ppl stopped playing :eek: smile.gif

Well according to the SC 2 Faq they are planning a quarter 2 release. YOu got maxim um 29 days left to play SC if the information provided is correct.
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As in poker, the only way we gonna compare playes today is when they meet in tournaments. Different leagues, different time zones (playing at 3 a.m etc) and some players are persistent while others peak their form.

In tournament everyone should be motivated and in shape. In tournaments we get the "Real Deal".

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