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Beta-test AAR


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I have been beta-testing SC for a while now. Some time ago (version 1.28c) I decided to write an AAR. Here is the result.


Beta-test report of SC v.1.28

Played as Axis on Expert level with AI experience +2.

All Random, full FOW, partisans, no Siberian war.

The reason I decided to play with this setting was that up until now, I

hadn't lost to the AI. Hubert adviced me to try this, and see if I could

still manage to keep the score...

Turn 1 - Sep 3, 1939

Not to good a start! Defeated the two Polish border corps, but hardly sratched

the Pomorze Army. Took only light casulties. Sent the two sub in the

Atlantic up north (out of harms way).

The Polish withdrew the Krakow Army and Modin Corps in order to defend Warsaw.

Turn 2 - Oct 1, 1939

The pomorze Army is still standing with 1 HP left! Have assaulted Warsaw

and reduced the corps there to 4 HP. Sent one tank group around the north

flank and destroyd the Polish Airforce. The Krakow Army south of Warsaw and the

Modin Corps to the north have been reduced to 5 and 7 HP. Light losses again,

but all in all it's going to cost a bit to repair this.

Saving my MPP for research next turn.

Poland reinforced Warsaw and Krakow.

Turn 3 - Oct 29, 1939

Destroyed the remaining Polish forces except Modin Corps (north of Warsaw).

Bought 1 RP in Jet Aircraft.

Poland surendered!

Turn 4 - Nov 26, 1939

Transported ("operate") most of my army west to the Low-Countries border,

but sent 2 armies, a corps, a tank grup and Bock HQ north to invade Baltic.

Repaired my Airfleets.

Turn 5 - Jan 7, 1940

Declared war on Baltic and started advancing towards Riga. The tank group

reached it and did some damage. Sent CA Scharnhorst to bombard. No effetc.

Reinforced the units on my western front and consolidated in order to take

out Low Countries next turn.

Turn 6 - March 3, 1940

Captured Riga. Declared war on Low Countries. Bombarded unit in Brussels.

Attacked it and defeated it. Captured Brussels. Purchased a corps an placed

it SW of Frankfurt. Low Countries and Baltic surrenders.

England bombards Antwerp port. France withdraws units on Low Countries border.

Turn 7 - March 31, 1940

USSR didn't like my occupation of Baltic. Her war-readines went from 30% to

71% in three turns! USA is on 21% and Italy on 80%. The U-47 sub and CA Scharnhorst

and Gneisnau are moved to the Baltic sea.

I transported my two armies and the tank group from Baltic to the west front,

and bought two corps, one in Warsaw and one in Koningsberg.

My forces in Low Countries strike south into France. I captured the mine SE of Paris,

and starts to isloate the Magniot Line.

The French try to re-take the mine, but I manage to cling on to it, barely.

Turn 8 - April 28, 1940

I gave up on holding the mine. My tank group there was down to 50% and in danger

of becoming surounded, so I retreated it north. The rest of my forces keep pouring

into France from the north, making a vedge between the Magniot line and Paris.

My first loss! France took out a corps with the help of an airfleet. The frontline

now runs SW from Paris to the Magnio line.

Turn 9 - May 26, 1940

I used this turn to consolidate my forces and reinforce those that needed it. Luckily,

the Italians seems to be ready to join now.

Turn 10 - June 16, 1940

The Italians have joined. I gather the Italian fleet south of Italy to attack

the French fleet at Toulon. The Italian 1st Army occupies Marseilles.

In northern France things ain't going that well. The French have withdrawn some

units south, thus openign their line, but I'm unable to damage the corps in

Paris even though my forces started at full (10 points) and had a readyness of 84%.

I managed to spread out a bit east and west of Paris, so I might be able to

surround it.

I lost two corps this turn! I'm starting to feel that the AI units are too

tought at +2 experience, but we'll see.

Turn 11 - June 30, 1940

Changing strategy. I'll try and just hold the main French forces while

taking the Maginot line. Spent most of my points reinforcing the German

units. One down, two to go. The Italians press west in the south.

The French CV in the Mediteranian (?) has steamed south along the Spanish

coast. The Italian fleet can't intercept it, so they head east towards

Egypt instead.

The French killed one tank group this turn.

Turn 12 - July 14, 1940

I don't think I'll manage to held back the French forces long, but I have

to try. The Italians race west in southern France, and the fleet clash

with the British fleet north of Egypt.

Turn 13 - July 28, 1940

I am finally making some headway in northern France, but the cost is high.

I spend all my points each turn reinforcing. The Italians have reached Bordeaux,

but are unable to damage the French corps there. The Italian fleet took out the

British CV and BB while loosing one BB. I bought an Italian airfleet to help the

Germans in France.

Turn 14 - Aug 11, 1940

The French tried to retreat one unit out of the Maginot line. Took it! Two

down, one to go. Paris is not well defende, but at these odds, I want to

surround it first! The Italian fleet has reduced the last British CA in Egypt

to 1 point, but it's in port so the AI can reinforce it.

Turn 15 - Aug 25, 1940

The British fleet at Egypt got reinforced, so I have to withdraw the Italians

to do the same. Tried attacking Paris, just in case... Took 6 hitpoints in

damage without scoring a single hit on the French corps! Hmmm...

I have withdrawn the Italian forces in southern France, since the corps in

Bordeaux was killng them!

Turn 16 - Sep 15, 1940

Almost killed the last French army in the Maginot line. At least the AI must

use points to rebuild it, but then again, so must I. Bought one more Italian


Turn 17 - Oct 13, 1940

I finally managed to take out the Maginot line. With a little luck I should

be able to surround Paris next turn.

Turn 18 - Nov 10, 1940

I started whitteling away on the corps in Paris this turn, but it is very slow

going! The USSR has thankfully been stable on 70%. If they attack before I have

built up a strong force in the east, I'll be dead in a few turns.

Turn 19 - Dec 8, 1940

Mainly reinforced this turn, but the Italian forces in the south repelled a

French counter-attack. The British airforce is making it hard keeping my own

up at all time.

Turn 20 - Feb 2, 1941

Paris is finally surrounded, and the corps there reduced to 5 hitpoints.

The Italian fleet has been partially repaired and is sailing out again.

Turn 21 - Mars 16, 1941

USSR is preparing for war. I'm so dead! Took Paris and started sending as many

units as I dared to the east front. It's only a thin grey line, but I'll try

to hold out as many turns as I can!

Luckily, France surrended.

Turn 22 - Apr 13, 1941

The Italian fleet took the last British cruiser in Egypt. Transporting all units I

can from the west to the east, and buy corps to fill the gaps.

The Russian hordes crashed into my lines, but not through it yet.

Hungary joined the Axis forces.

Turn 23 - May 11, 1941

All I can do is reinforcing my units and try to hurt the Russian where I can.

The Russians perfomed a lot of strange strategic movements, and hardly attacked

at all. Left one corps in Paris and one Bordeaux. That's my entire western force.

Romania and Bulgaria joined Axis, and there was a pro-allied coup in Yugoslavia.

Turn 24 - June 8, 1941

Bought an Italian army and a German tank group to try and stop the Yugoslavians.

The Russians attacked into Romania and are threatening the oil-fields there.

Turn 25 - June 22, 1941

I am simply going to have to counter-attack into Russia in order to try and gain

the initiative. I really thought the USSR forces would brush me aside, but they

don't seem to have a clear strategy and I want to try and explot that.

Unfortunately, as soon as my forces come in contact with the Russians, they are

annihilated! My forces hardly scratch the Russian, and they slice right through

mine. Finland joined the Axis.

Turn 26 - July 6, 1941

Reinforcing and regrouping my frontline. The attack into Yugoslavia seems to

be going well, manily because the Yugoslavians are attacking Romania.

The Russians have wiped out my southern flank.

Turn 27 - July 20, 1941

Same as last turn. The attack in Yugoslavia has stoped since I hardly hurt the

Yougoslavian corps in Belgrade.

The Russians performs more strange reorganizations.

Turn 28 - Aug 3, 1941

I'm trying to just stabelize the front this turn.

The Russians hits hard, taking out 1/3 of my forces. Romania has fallen.

The Yugoslavians counter-attacks. Finalnd is hard pressed by a Russian

tank group.

Turn 29 - Aug 17, 1941

Full scale retreat, abandoning Baltic and Yugoslavia.

Russian forces pursuits, continuing to inflict heavy losses on my forces.

Turn 30 - Aug 31, 1941

Trying to build a good defence line along the Koningsberg - Warsaw line down

to Hungary, but since the rest of the south is wide open, I fear this won't

help much.

The Russians are unstoppable, continuing to wade through my units.

Turn 31 - Sep 21, 1941

Making a final stand in the east. No more retreating!

Turn 32 - Oct 19, 1941

Rebuilding the Italian forces. My line is cracking but not broken yet.

Koningsberg falls. Bulgaria falls.

Turn 33 - Nov 16, 1941

Performs as much re-org as I can. Send forth the Italians again.

Russians takes out my flanks, starting to surround my forces.

Turn 34 - Dec 14, 1941

Took out 2 Russian tank groups that had gotten a little bit ahead of

themselves. Total irrelevant of course, but good for morale. My "front"

now consists of two groups. One around Berlin, and one between Warsaw

and Budapest.

The Russians continue to push, but sent the main bulk of their force

after the units near Warsaw.

Turn 35 - Feb 8, 1942

Build an Army in Berlin and retreats in the east, leaving on corps in Warsaw.

Finland falls. Warsaw falls. One Russian tank group is surpriced by the army

in Berlin, but still manages to reduce it to 5 hitpoints.

Turn 36 - March 22, 1942

Re-groups in the south-east, trying to get some kind of line between Berlin

and Budapest.

USA prepares for war.

Turn 37 - April 19, 1942

Reinforce and consolidate.

Turn 38 - May 17, 1942

Same as last turn. If they hurry, the USA might even get some units accross

before Berlin falls.

Turn 39 - June 14, 1942

Tirana falls. Hungary falls.

Turn 40 - June 28, 1942

My remaining forces are now between Berlin and Prague.

Turn 41 - July 12, 1942

I'm about to loose Munich. I now have 6 corps and 1 army in Germany.

Prauge falls. Frankfurt falls.

Turn 42 - July 26, 1942

The end is near....

Russia liberates Low Contries. Munich falls.

Turn 43 - Aug 9, 1942

About all I can do now is rebulding my army in Berlin.

Berlin falls, Germany surrenders. US troops lands in Brest.

Turn 44 - Aug 23, 1942

Oh dear! It seems the Italians continue to fight...

Rome falls to the Russians on February 7, 1943. Axis surrender Mars 1943.

Post script.

Giving the AI a +2 experience bonus makes for a very though game! I tried

unsuccessfully to keep the initiative, which I still believe is the only

way to win. Alas, I obviously didn't play smart enough and the AI had little

trouble dividing my forces and destroy them one by one.

I played the same game afterwards using the same setup, but with a +1 to the

AI experience. However, the russians got really lucky with their research and

simply got a technological advantage too great for me to counter, so I gave up

after slowly being pushed back from the Leningrad-Stalingrad line.

I still think the AI+1 setting (and Russia random) is the most enjoyable setting

when playing as the Axis, and I'll probably use that in my later games (and try

to put more MPP into research).


Well, that was that. A bit long, but I tried to keep it short and to the point.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them. smile.gif


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Very interesting! The only obvious strategical error on your side was to invade the baltics (this IS a quite cocky move smile.gif ). It still seems that not doing that would only have delayed things, though, as the Russians seem unstoppable. And the US did not even come into play really! :eek:

I'm eager to try that out myself. smile.gif


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