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  1. Ah, I understand now. Thanks for the clarification Major! I'm sure with 115 US scenarios, I'll find enough to keep me busy anyway.
  2. Is TacOps 4.0 worth it if you don't play multiplayer? I wish it had a scenario maker or QB generator...
  3. Thanks for the replies Major and Coyote! Coyote... I checked the DEMO switcheroo, and it seems pretty cool. So, I would assume that out of 115 scenarios for the US, I should be able to find one that would allow me to switch in a Delta/Ranger OoB and basically whatever OPFOR units I wanted. BUT, Major said "probably not" in his reply. What exactly would I not be able to switch in? Citizen units?
  4. I've given the TacOps DEMO a try and its GREAT! I plan on purchasing it as soon as V.4.0 hits. Here's my question: I really only play games in Single Player mode. I realize that you are limited to the available missions that come with the game if you play this way. However, is there SOME flexibility? Can I exchange units in and out in a mission and still play it single player? Could I, for instance, find an assault type scenario... and then exchange in a Delta/Ranger type strike team for the US, and a civilian mob mixed with some real combatants for the OPFOR team... and then play this single player? (To simulate an attack on a Somalia warlord for instance.) Basically, how flexible is the single player game? Thanks for any info! Great game!
  5. Personally, I don't see why there are not more spaceships. Also, I would like to be able to raise my INfantry tech, so I could make Starship Troopers. Finally, why no Hover-Tanks? On a side note, I think the Germans should be able to purchase Old Grandpa Corps (GeezerTroopen) to defend the homeland. So far, this game is just like COMBAT MISSION, except on a larger scale...
  6. Also in response to M. Tanker: Now that I read both of your responses, I could accept RETREATS built into the game system IF they were optional, and/or changeable by the player. If I could decide to allow NO retreats, 30% casualty retreats, or 80% casualty retreats... then I think it would be a decent addition!
  7. Well, all my sourcebooks crapped out! Hopefully SuperTed can get the goods for Hubert! I really hope this option ends up in the final.
  8. As far as the RETREAT issue goes... I for one hope it is NOT added. I really do believe that the scale here is much too large for those kind of retreat rules. Keep in mind that for game mechanic controlled retreats, we are talking about panic. Retreats of the size we are dealing with here would be more of an ordered retreat... which we can do simply by moving the units away ourselves.
  9. I would also like this option!!! I'm not anywhere near an expert, but I'll see what kind of a list I can dig up quickly... Hopefully many others will do the same.
  10. Heh, that's kinda cool! I can't wait to play the AI in the full game... so plans can be made beyond the year, and effects will be felt later for things done right or wrong early.
  11. What do you mean by this? Straha</font>
  12. Agree with Grimlord. Before the DEMO, I believe we were worried Malta would be too easy to take. Glad that's not the case.
  13. There is some very good news for you! If I understand the way it will work correctly, then the Scenario/Campaign editor is the answer to all your problems! You should be able to use it to set up the battle/forces any way you imagine it to be.
  14. First attempt, no one joined willingly except Italy, so I conquered Low Countires, France, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden. I believe if I had two more turns I could have taken Greece and probably Finland. Then I could have used the buttload of points I saved up to rip into Russia. Anyhoo, it came out to 444 Germany, 115 Italy.
  15. Difficulty Default, FOW on, No war in Siberia, all partisans, etc ON, All countires Random, NO hex grid. Why do a lot of people play with FOW off? I have never tried it because its so much fun with it ON. [ May 26, 2002, 08:10 PM: Message edited by: Mr. Clark ]
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