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Problem: SLOW PLAY during TCP/IP


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I would like to take time-out and bitch. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of slow play. I can't even count how many people I've played who take frickin' forever to move their pieces! It's a sleeper. It's taking 20 minutes a half-turn. I'm sick of it. It makes watching baseball seem exciting. I'd rather watch golfers line-up their putts.

Things that I do while you dumb-asses move your pieces & still can't beat me:

1) Play online Black-Jack on my sportsbook account

2) Check out the stock market on Yahoo.finance

3) Talk trash on the SC-Forum (I'm in the middle of a game right now) sooooooooooo boring. What the hell is taking so long?

4) Pick my butt

5) Goto the bathroom

6) Get on my cell-phone talk to Rambo's girlfriend, relatives, whatver.

7) Watch T.V.

8) Listen to music

9) Make something to eat.

10) I even drove down to the party store for a 6-pack of beer; came back & the S.O.B was still doing a move in during 1940!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what makes me a champion; I kick ass in minutes, recognize the game-board, make decisions, etc.

That's why I'm a LEGEND,

I am an ICON.

Rambo is an ICON

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Heaven (Hell), I'm back to type more crap on the Forum. I'm still waiting for my opponent to move! I'll be checking the time stamp.

What have I done since starting this thread:

1) Took a leak

2) Got another Hefeweizen from the fridge.

3) Played an entire Elvis song (from the fat Elvis days) "Proud Mary"

4) After the song was over, I started a movie "The Great Escape"

5) Turned on the heater.

Sick of sloowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww players.!!!!!!!1

Rambo is a LEGEND

Rambo is an ICON


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Mine was a 6-minute turn. I waited at least 10-minutes before this post even started.

sidebar: To all the dumbasses out there that don't understand....well, don't try to figure out what I'm talking about...God, forbid, you can do some math on turn lengths.

That's why I'm an ICON, & you're not an ICON.

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Hey Rambo we ever gonna play again, we didn't finish my last ass kickin!! :( How about you name the time and place and I promise to keep pace. I to am tired of these guys who think that there 8 pieces on the map can move this way or that way and whats the best place to put them if I do this or that....whatever just move the friggin unit damn it :mad: , its not like you have your damn paycheck riding on it? :confused: ? Slow players need not apply im looking for a game with action not the old folks home...so how about it Rambo lets push some units around?? :confused:


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82nd Ready --- Nice take, rack 'em. That's what I expect out of you "To be Ready", look at your nickname. These losers check every combination & possiblity for an attack.

I've also played about ~6 cheaters in PBEM.

1) They send out very damaged naval units to "find" your units; then bring in the heavy-cargo ships. I get dicked all the time in PBEM naval battles. I can't remember the last time somebody ran into my ships with "Surprise". It just doesn't happen, they are cheaters. They're re-loading the files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) They take key hexes "in the nick of time".

3) On the Russian front, their infantry attacks go smooth are damn time. No surprises, & combat "works out".

Rambo is playing a bunch of PBEM cheaters!

How come I never get "Suprise, surprise, surprise!" -Gomer Pyle

Rambo gets cheated by PBEM players.

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There is a reload counter on PBEM games - right side on the name when loading it from the folder. It should always read 0! If not someone needs to explanin why.

ON time - the axis always take a shorter amount of time. They are condensed at the begining and are calling all the shots. the allies have to react and need to look over the entire board from Iraq to North sea. But yes we all need to spead up the game for everyone enjoyment.

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Rambo needs to try playing me Steel Panthers online if he wants speed. I could care less if every move I make is inspired.

As for cheating, my number one rule in wargaming is "cheating in a game of brains is an admission of stupidity". I would never call myself stupid (you might not see me cheat, but I would, and I would never insult myself, even if in private).

Shame I don't own SC though.

Perhaps if Rambo wants to get folded spindled, and mutilated by me, he could send me a copy smile.gif . A game as basic as SC would be child's play to a die hard A3R grognard.

I am used to making a lot more involved decisions as the Allies.

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Originally posted by Yohan:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> It takes 4-hours to play 1-year of SC-time. I'm going to find another hobby if people don't hurry the heaven up.

Rambo's girlfriend will get the attention.

Do you refer to your left or right hand as your girlfriend?</font>
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Actually what I find interesting is how most surveys would imply that most guys will date their hand even if they are getting it from their female sources as well.

But the funny thing is how so many guys can't actually say it in front of other guys, that they would date their hand.

I guess it comes down to insecurity. Those that would say they won't date their hand, are likely just afraid of being branded as losers that can't get women.

I always tell women I chat with, to pick the guy that's unafraid to say they don't mind dating their hand when bored.

Because women generally like guys that don't drag insecurities around. Confidence will get you almost anything.

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I feel for ya. BlitzKreig is Lighting War for a reason. Hard hitting, explosive, measured strikes into the enemy. Knocking em down and keeping em down. But to watch in slow-mo their response rather, than going min for min is frightfully boring.

As an icon, u have created these Rambo-stiens. Plodding forward, picking and re-picking units, looking at all the combinations in hopes that one will knock u off the pedastal, your legend has created.

I suggest u buy multipule computers so that u can play multipule games of SC, like chessmasters do in the park.

Keep up the fire!

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