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SC2 - Atomic Bomb Option

Edwin P.

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Eddie --- How did the Americans treat the Indians? Hmmm, Thanksgiving was a good start? How about the Preachers who risked their lives going into the deep corners of the Earth to preach the Gospel? How did the Indians treat each other? Are there still American Indians today in the United States? Did America change their policy?

U.S. Civil War, how many white guys died for the North? Maybe the Lord of Hosts is on the side of the United States? What was the war policy in the book of Joshua?

Do you live in the United States? If so and you're truly concerned about the American Indians then give all your world possessions to some American Indian, get in a boat & sail back to where your ancestors came from. Else, you're enjoying the fruits from the Greatest Nation ever!

and the congregation said,"Amen"...

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Edwin, I agree with all your points.

Points 1 and 5 (and JJ answers) illustrate the risk of throwing our crimes at each others...

(Point 2 is correct, Japan begin to modernize at a very fast pace just 70 years before the war. So arguably their view of warfare would not have change dramatically over 1 or 2 generation).

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Well, guys, don't bring up the American Indians.

There is now slight proof<it's in small isolated pockets that's growing with more Archeological proof, that the American Indians did in fact take this land from an earlier settled people and wiped them out the same way we did them tongue.gif >

Everyone wanted them dead and their Riches. The Spanish, English, Dutch, French and Portaguese. The thing is the Indians though a Primitive Culture being Stone Age couldn't fight back. Remeber now HAD THEY been able to, it would've been a more fair fight. Had they say been at minimum Iron Age they could've put up a fight like the Chinese and Japanese did towards the same incursions of Mass Colonialism and Religious Conversion Attempts. If you go back 1000 years, the Japanese and Chinese may have been on more Par with the Arabs and ahead of Europeans... So they'd of seen us as Barbaric. Times change...

Rambo most of these Indians saw our Religious Conversions as bad as Murder... They were very devoted to their Pagan Gods. Only about 1/30th of the Original Population of the Natives of the US survived between 1492 and 1900... However in one day didn't the Aztec Sacrifice 50 thousand of their enemies? Jesus tongue.gif Maybe the Spanish were only less human with diseases. They made them slaves and destroyed their Culture and religion but didn't gut their Heart and stick it on a Totem Pole. I think that a lot of the Settlers had good intentions but the cultures clashed and the Natives that conformed were basically alright, but those who didn't were going to be exterminated by what we Moderners still call 'progress'.

The Japanese were Hellish... For the time, the 20th century they were Evil. They wanted to 'expand', and would've DOWed every nation on Earth and Fought every Nation on Earth to the last man for their "Empire." When that's not what we wanted. From the beginning we merely asked that they 'cut down a little'.<that being the mistake> Might is Right, yeah, it is... but I'd like to see the first man here to volunteer to be an Asian in a New Japanese Empire unscathed and left to be?

Meanwhile post-war check the USA/Britian and France in Germany/Italy and Japan. They weren't harsh conditions in comparison. USA had their era of Expansion back in the 19th century, and they did their evils too, but that really isn't the topic. The Warcrimes of near extermination of a People is still debated today, in America. I dont' see the Japanese Debating their War of Atrocities? They stuffed it deep down, along with the Germans to be forgotton. They're all guilty, and why? Cause they were and still are. Sure you hear 'tiny bit' of "I'm Sorry." Few Billion to Isreal. Though I doubt that a majority of their population is sympathetic to the Pain they caused.

They got away with it, IMO, due to the Fear of the Russians, raising the Red Flag everywhere. Though Honestly I think the Japanese and Germans along with all the conspirator nations should've payed out a lot more, especially since both now are the amongst the wealthiest nations in the World.

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Wait a minute! Hold on! I'm not Catholic, I wouldn't step foot on their property, nor do I. None of my ancestors were part of that Spanish Inquisition. My family came over with William Penn & settled right in Pennsylvania, many are still there today. The beliefs aren't "convert or die". The Bible no where says that.

People came to the Americas to escape the Catholic Church (see the split & History books, see Martin Luther, see John Wesley, Roger Williams, etc.) My ancestors didn't kill any American Indians, didn't kill or own any black slaves.

If people want to reject the Gospel when it is preached according to the King James Bible, that's their choice. My family & ancestors didn't rip hearts out of Indians & put them on some Pagen Totem pole. Don't associate me with Ponce De Leon, Cortez, Coronado, De Gama, or any of the rest of them. Another thing, there's no hope in the pope either.

This modern moment to rewrite & blame the United States for everything is crap. We rebuild nations (Japan, Germany), free slaves (CSA), give food out to the world, send money everywhere, give freedom of religion AND freedome from religion, rescue the down trodden, give food away, topple dictators, pay the U.N. bills, invented the majority of the "good things" in the world.

Tired of people dissing on the USA. If you don't like it leave it. We can't stop the flow of people flooding in from the garbage dumps of the world.

Name me a better Nation?

Get a job,

Rambo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUT

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This thread seems to have a life of its own, From the A-bomb to the Indians.

I liked Jersey's comment about saving the last bullet for yourself which was so true. The American Indians were great warriors. They would make proud any great warriors or soliders whether Waffen SS, American Rangers or Klingon Warriors.

Yes, on the whole they were treated poorly. Of course there were exceptions. But they are getting their revenge now on the white man. They are making a great killing, that is financial killing on the white man with all the Indian casios. For those in Europe or other parts of the world who may not understand. Indians are allowed to put up Casion's for gambling on their land or reservations through loop holes in the law (I'm sure they dont call them loopholes) that dates back to when the reservations were formed in the 1800's.


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Really? Okay, lets talk turkey (no pun intended)

#1 The Indians sold Manhatten Island of their own free will & choice.

#2 The Indians sold the Lower Half of Michigan. The Indians thought all those beautiful trees & the Great Lakes were a waste of time. I think they traded that for a box of Firewater.

#3 Central Pennsylvania didn't even have any Indians where tons of white boys settled to avoid conflict. The German/Dutch Omish dominate Central Pennsylvania. NOBODY WAS THERE! The Indians actually visited the Omish to learn how to grow corn, came for food instead of starving in the winter, etc. It's a little smarter to store food rather than chase a buffalo herd. The Indians were in Western Pennsylvania & didn't care about Central Pennsylvania. The Christain (non-Catholics) of Pennsylvania avoided the Indians who were in the Western part of the State.

#4 The Indians actually fought for the some whiteboys. French-Indian War, remember that?

#5 The Indians sold tons of their land to the French, English, Spanish, etc.

#6 Thomas Jefferson cut a check in the Louisanna Purchase from the French, we didn't steal it.

#7 Pocahantis & Sackawejewi were friendly to the early USA. Hmmmm, maybe they were more scared of their own. How many more Indians were glad to see the white man? Indian Religious prophesy told of the coming of the white man, did you know that? The Indians had an a belief in a Man-God of their own & got a complete explanation....Hmmm....who was that Man God? I'm not Mormon, but ask their take on the Indians! They claim a personal visit.

#8 We had a thing among ourselves called the US Civil War. Those against slavery died for black freedom. Must be a Pennsylvania thing at Gettysburg or something.

#9 The Indians did their share of butchery, killing, etc. They butchered themselves too.

And finally:

#10 How much of the land can you claim by being somewhere "so called first"? If the Indians get all the land (including the unoccupied areas), what is the standard? If being their first, means it yours, then the ENTIRE MOON belongs to Neil Armstrong. Do the Indians own the Pacific Ocean too? The Atlantic because somebody paddled a canoe in it? Everybody make the Indians out to be some "all natural land loving guys". What do the Indians do today? Do they repopulate streams of fish? Have they ever raised cattle? Do they plant trees? Did they know how to grow potatos? I'm sure they eat beef, french fries, & live in wooden houses. Do they pay all the taxes? Do they get special treatment, scholarships based on their race? If the Indians really love their way of life, they can go live out in the wilderness, nobody can stop them. Do they do that?

The reason the Indians come up is because the usual suspects start the same crap everytime they want to justify German Holocaust & Japanese rapings. Do you see the Jews disolve like the Indians? No, I see them get stronger, have a nation, & have a clue.

I've got something to say to the "so-called Americans" who try to call us criminals for what this Nation has set up. You're a bunch of spineless, cowardly, jellyfish. You diss on our country to be political correct.

Don't worry American haters & history twisters. Sadly enough, this Nation will fall. Then you & your children's children will tell tales of how great we had. Take your house, sell it, give your money to an Indian, get in a boat, & sail back to Yugoslavia.

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A-bombs, Plains Wars, Scalpings, Spanish Inquisition, Conquistadors, Big Business, Small Business -- OFF TOPIC -- OFF TOPIC -- OFF TOPIC !!!

Let's take it to either of the two sites below, Comrade's or Sarge's sanitoriums -- where I can join in and let the paranoid neurosis run rampant!!!

But over here I think the only thing in store will be a padlock, especially as we get into religion and culture bashins etc & etc ... Battle Front should really be left to things that relate to SC and WWII in Europe.

Let's take the rest of these things to the favorite pubs: --

I've taken the liberty of pasting this as a thread at Comrade's Firebase -- calling it BF BEDLAM !!



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Well, Rambo is right ;) about some things, though the Civil War wasn't about Slavery, it was about a Way of Life ;) I as a true Southern Gentlemen know that.

Also those Heathen Engines weren't the only Natives of a province in a nation to be wiped out and re-populated. Russia, was similar to the USA, Siberia and much of the Northern Expanses were virtually unexplored but People did live there <we call them eskimos or just natives> So was portions of Norway. Austria, New Zealand and many other Nations were founded in a similar manner. In fact depends on how far you wanna go back tongue.gif

that's for some off topic stuff for ya there

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The red and blue lobster



And arose from out of the murkey deep depths,

And soughed a patient old sigh.

My, my,

The red side and the blue side

Are at it,

Tooth toward the claw,



What a sleepy old lobster's... got to do!

I've been divided since birth,

So I can provide

Something of worth,

With my wise and vast

Red Tooth & Blue Claw experience...


The contest

In this roiled old Ocean,

Is closed.

And now,

The one side and

Those're opposing,

Will have to... find something

Not so... hot red,

And not so... cold blue,

To do. ;)

If I can live with a divided body

And soul, well, snick-snack,

So can these actual brothers

Of mostly... the one and the same... SC color!

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