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The Grandmaster Event: (Best of 5 games). GAME #1 Terif (Axis) vs Zapp, ZAPP WON


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Turn 2:

Rundstedt take LC with 2 ground plus 1 air :(

Atlantic subs have strong battle results, my 3 cruisers get severley damaged.

German cruiser almost sunk due to it taking the defence against Allied Baltic attack.

Apparently, Axis bought an extra corps. Munich still was empty so I took it.

[ June 10, 2005, 08:43 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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Allies are defending with RAI - doesn´t work when Axis is prepared. Both ground units in LC do in average 4 damage, the AF 2 (=average result) - chances to get Brussel are above 99% even with 3 intercepts.

No losses for Axis so far, cruiser damaged - german fleet retreats to ports. Hood down to 2, Resolution at 6, carrier damaged by hitting the cruiser and intercepting german air.

LC plundered (250 mpps), Warsaw captured turn 2, but Poland continues fighting with 3 damaged units left. Allies captured Munich - city under siege now by several german corps. UK air in London forces intercepts by attacking Brussel port.

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Axis turn 3:

- the last polish unit surrenders, Munich reduced to str 4

- still no Axis losses so far..in contrary to Allies:

- carrier sunk near Denmark, Hood cruiser sunk in the Atlantic, Royal Oak at str 6, Resolution str 2.

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Axis turn 5:

- Denmark surrenders. After 2 DoWs russian readiness is at 43 %, USA 19%.

- Germany looses all 4 ships left, they delivered a good battle with much higher losses for Allies smile.gif

- Ardennes under attack but holds

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Yes, I wanted to know if Maginot only give supply to units inside. Quite important if I get cut-off.

Anyway. I chose to abandon Marseilles to stuff more corps near Paris, hoping there will be no surround of the Maginot units. One French army attacked and score one point on a Luftwaffe on the Rhine.

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October 13, 1940:

France surrenders - Allies used every unit in France, so there are no refugees in England now. Only one str 1 UK corps near Brest left from the expedition forces.

Italian forces land and bombard aroung Suez - defender reduced to str 5, should fall next turn.

Ground losses during France: Allies 20 units vs Germany 2 corps.

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Paris fell October 1940:

Fall of France stats:

Allies have 6 ships left (5 BB and one cruiser)and 2 carriers. Of those 8 naval units, 5 have full strength.

Allies lost Candians and 2 UK built corps in France (counting one UK corps that is cut-off and walking on glowing coal as casualty

Germany lost 2 corps in France and all 5 naval units.


I did not sacrifice everything in France (as Terif said). In addition to the UK Corps in Brest I spared a FAF on Malta and a FF Army (sent to UK).

[ June 12, 2005, 04:42 PM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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January 1941 - Suez axis, Alexandria under attack from both sides. Malta conquered.

Like expected Allies try to interfere the Norway invasion - so there are no transports and the british fleet moves into the trap. Several german AFs launch their fighters: Nelson battleship destroyed.

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