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Can you believe this?

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Check out shooters like Tribes 2 and Serious Sam for examples of FPS games that push huge numbers of polys in expansive outdoor areas. Look at the upcoming Unreal 2 engine, or Operation Flashpoint, etc., etc.

Why all the digs at FPS games and players, btw? Isn't that the same sort of attitude that leads people to mock or condemn CM out of hand? FPS games like TFC, Rogue Spear, and Tribes 2 (in particular) are very sophisticated tactically. Why on earth do people think games like Q3 are representative of shooters in general? They most certainly aren't. In fact, Q3 arguably represents the least popular kind of FPS.

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Sorry, I was making a dig at computer ignorant shoot and twitch types, not realizing that someone would figure I meant every player of FPS games. Err, unless you are implying that every player of an FPS game is computer ignorant -- in which case I am truly sorry for their ignorance and hope they recover from it some day. :D

However, I will still defend BTS for making sure that the most computers can play the game, rather than limited it to players of only the most advanced systems. Better for me since my computers are work computers and I cannot justify changing one just for a game.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Slapdragon:

Games which tried to do the same, such as Myth, took a self limiting role by limiting the size of battle to a few dozen figures on each size for exactly the same reason.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hey Slapdragon!

Good to see you back and posting! Hi


Now that was a great new ground breaking game.

True 3D environment and it WAS pretty.

ALL kinds of pretty kind candy, truely polished and beautiful, but yes it was self limited to not so many units. Every man was represented and they bled like crazy when they died. I was BLOWN away the frist time I saw that game. If you have never seen it it does like very video game like in the high end polished graphics proffesional sense.

It is also fun to play smile.gif

We are talking about Myth 3D RTS NOT Myst that mystery-run-around-on-an-island-and-figure-out puzzles-game (now available in its third release "Exhile")

-tom w

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"That's a crap game!! My Tiger got knocked out by some US tank! But the Tiger is SOOO good! Best tank in the world!!! How can it be destroyed???"

"Well, my friend, a Tiger is not invulnerable. And if you charge headlong into the enemy just to get a flank shot from a Stuart, that's what we call`'reality'."

"But why do my soldiers run back? I ordered them to charge that village!!"

"Yeah, you ordered them to charge headlong into massed MG fire and got hit by arty on the way."

"Oh, what's that??? I got hit by something I can't even see!! That's a bug!!"

"Well, my friend, that's not a bug, it's just another part of what we call 'reality'. It's not easy to spot an AT guns hidden in woods firing its first shot."

"And look at that! That's a BIG bug!! I ordered that Stuart-thing to engage that Panzer-thing and it just popped smoke and reversed!! BUG!"

"Well my friend, the crew of your Stuart just decided by themself that engaging a King Tiger frontally is a bad decision, cursed your name and reversed as fast as the could. Another one of these strange things that happen in 'reality'".

"Boah man, 'reality' sucks!"

"Yes my friend, sometimes..."


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Hey Parabellum,

Be careful with the "reality" argument, it does cut both ways. In reality time is not measured out in 60 second chunks with infinite planning time preceding it.

You want reality, take CM and crank it in Real Time with half your troops out of contact and the only thing you can control is arty and your reserve...crazy.

No before I get jumped on, CM is an excellent game with a lot of realistic factors. It definitely bridges the gap between hard-core waregaming and the casual Close Combat wargaming lite. The graphics do it. But wargaming, especially hard-core gaming has been and will be on the fringe. Most people won't bother with it. CM goes a good way but you can't please everybody.

So my point is quite simply "Here's to us F@#K The Rest!" or "If they don't like CM send em to Hell with a Bible in their pants!" but let's not sweat the little things.

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