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More Sources of Primary Evidence

Guest AlfieE

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Really, just a short note for those UK players of CM, particularly those of you who design scenarios.

My search for all those nitty gritty aspects of scenario design, e.g. detailed maps, orders of battle, weather conditions, etc, took be to the Public Records Office, Kew, London in search of the War diary of the North Nova Scotia Highlnders.

What an archive! Not only did I get a chance to consult the original diary, I also managed to lay my hands on a translation of SS Sturmbannfuhrer's Sepp Krafft's after action report for the 16 PG Depot and Reserve Bn. 16 at Arnhem - This unit provided 1st Airborne with its first organised resistence just east of the DZ / LZ on Renkum Heath. Other than a detailed account of all the units under command, including inventories of weapons, equipment and tactical rationale, were the original maps (1:25) detailing all of Krafft's deployments. These are amazing, illustrating terrain, urban sites and contours (Photocopying resources are available).

This wasn't all. Aerial recconnaisssance and photogrphic archives are also available. I was only there about 6 hours, so I didn't scratch the surface, but the potential value of this resource seems high for dedicated Grognards.

Shame you've got to live in London to get hold of it so easily (but don't forget their website).

If anyone's interested, I can let you know what other gems I uncover.



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AlfieE, hi,

thanks for the hint. I have used the archive at the Bovington Tank Museum many times but never made it to Kew. Will now add it to my list of things to do. If you have never been to the Bovington archive give it a try and ask them for what they have on Soviet tanks, amongst other things.

All the best,


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