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Not-So-Superbowl update!


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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Listen up Von Shraddy!

A second round victory over Crossbar has the Stuka juggernaught steaming ahead to the final victory.

A cowardly surrender by my esteemed opponent has landed my good self with a 80-20 victory.



87 casualties (18 KIA)

4 vehicles KO'd

Men OK: 146

Score: 80


125 Casualties (26 KIA)

71 Captured

3 mortars KO'd

9 Vehicles KO'd

Men OK: Nil

Score: 20

Thank you..thank you all...{bows to the audience}

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Congratulations Stuka. Looks like it will be a Merry Christmas in your house or should I say on your battlefield.

How goes the second game?

I'm playing Pike and Peter. Pike and I are down to the last minute, the last man and the last bullet. We've scrounged the dead for their ammo and sent the cooks and clerks to the front. There's only two flags at a cross roads, I hold the big one he holds the small but with fog of war anything could happen in the end.

Peter and I are on about turn 20 (60th email). According to my information I just took the fourth and final flag. He's attempting a counter attack with a few remaining squads but with no vehicle support I don't believe he'll be able to sustain it.


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Well, I had a bad start and it was just getting worse. Also, my computer has been acting funny lately, making it hard to get turns out. So I decided that it would be best to surrender. Now, if I had known Stuka would call it a "cowardly surrender" publicly on this board I would have ordered my brave soldiers to fight to the last man! wink.gif

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hehe, no offense there Crossbar. Fact is, a surrender was the only wise move left open.

After the early loss of your armour and the repulsing of both of your desperate infantry attacks on my flanks the outlook for your guys was not too rosey.

I still had a STUG, a Hetzer, an assault H/T and a Puma, plus a field gun that was still being brought into position by the time you surrendered and lots of 81mm arty left too.

Oh and Ted, my other game is posing a little more difficult, it started out promising as Gaffertape lost a panther early, then followed a tit for tat destruction of each others armour so much so that I had to fall back on one flank. Currently I think we both have one AFV left each so it could go either way, although I'd settle for a draw!

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Dang crossbar! I see now where you made your mistake!

When playing Stuka, you should always take green american infantry. Since he can't count higher than 3.. the sheer number of your forces causing him to lose his mind... followed shortly by the game.

Might be considered gamey, using Stukas total lack of wit against him like that... but all is fair in love and war.



"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."--William Butler Yeats


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