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I need a PBEM opponent to show me the way!!!!

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Can someone show me the ropes on PBEM gameplay to start the ball rolling.

I could do 7 turns a week and prefer the German side.

My computer only handles medium size games.



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Feel free to send a setup to me, I am not the best in the world, not the worst either, feel free to chat away during the game in the emails and ask questions, we can trade info about setups etc and try and learn from the games against each other rather than take it as a life and detah game if you want.

email a setup to gashford@freenetname.co.uk

I can pretty much reply once a day, sometimes more, sometimes a little less as my mum is ill at the moment, but I'll do my best.


Well, I thought if I owned the bullet with my name on it I wouldn't get shot, because I'm not going to shoot myself.

Mores the pity....

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