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Real War Video ****Not for the sqeamish*****

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The Islamic Ruling on the Permissibility of Executing Prisoners of War

All Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds. May the peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon the Prophet Muhammad who was sent as a mercy to all creation, and may this Divine blessing be upon the family and companions of the final messenger, peace be upon him.

The Russian Government has failed to respond to the Mujahideen's demand that the Russian war criminal Budanov be handed over for execution at the hands of the Mujahideen. The Russian Government was warned that should it fail to surrender Budanov, nine Russian prisoners who were caught marauding in a Chechen village would be executed.

The Russian Government has since chosen to shield Budanov and the brutal rape-murder that he committed. In response, we the Mujahideen have fulfilled our pledge to execute the nine Russian OMON special police who were in our custody. (See photographs of executed OMON prisoners)

We were hurt when some Muslims condemned this action with inappropriate and harsh comments. Some Muslims claimed our actions were wrong, and with lack of knowledge arbitrarily quoted the following verses from the Holy Quran to justify their point of view: "Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly on them (take them as captives); thereafter is the time for either generosity (free them without ransom) or ransom (according to what benefits Islam): until the war lays down its burdens." [Quran 47:4]

And "No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another." [Quran 35:18]

Other critics demanded that we adhere to international conventions that outlaw the killing of prisoners of war and that the rights of each prisoner be respected.

We have endeavoured to prepare this document to clarify why our actions were taken and to show the established principles of Shariah that justify the execution of the prisoners. We ask Allah Most High to make us among those whose position (Ijtihad) is righteous.

Our clarification is lengthy and specific; it has thus been divided into two studies; the first study will respond to the argument made by some that the Russian prisoners should have been treated according to the verse: "thereafter is the time for either generosity or ransom." The first study will touch upon four issues, all of which are deemed permissible or not permissible according to Divine Law.


Swell bunch of fellas, the moojies.

EDIT: No, I didn't post the whole thing. It is quite lengthy. Their reasoning boils down to 1) Infidels don't matter (though they didn't object to our money and guns in the 80s); and 2) Since Israel is considered a western power and since Israel kills prisoners, western treaties mean nothing and can be ignored.

In short, there is nothing remotely tactical about it. These are murders intended to inspire fear -- terrorism.


Sounds like 100% weapons-grade bolonium to me.

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Yeah I guess they had to post that becasue they were getting some backlash from some Muslims re: their methods so they figured they would whip up an appropriate official ruling. Gotta keep the investors happy. I also liked the one which overrules the Koran's ban on suicides to make it OK for Martyrs to blow themsleves up.


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It's hard to be affected by the video when you can't really make heads or tails of it. Anyone have any tips for speeding up RealPlayer on a 56k modem? It's all jumpy, and pixelly. I don't ask because I'm morbid, and just HAVE to see this video. It's something I've wondered for a while. Any help would be appreciated!

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Guest Big Time Software

OK, I think this one should be closed up. The links are still there for people to check out, but this doesn't have anything to do with CM and I would rather we keep current politics (including laying waste to one another) off this BBS.


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