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  1. Guys, comments like this are only going to be disruptive to the forums. As we have mentioned, we do understand if you and others are not interested in modern warfare, but please dont make our jobs harder because of it. Dan </font>
  2. Some things are better left unsaid. There are plenty of others who struggle with the obvious and even with the bleedin' variety so I try not to dwell on it, gives 'em something to do. I think it's rather cruel of you to deny them. [ October 20, 2005, 12:50 AM: Message edited by: Simon Fox ]
  3. I can't say I'm excited by the concept but I don't begrudge BTS the right to make their own business decisions. I must express my admiration for what a fine business decision this is. By all accounts by far their major market is North America and it doesn't take market research to work out there's plenty of the population chomping at the bit to get to grips with the next Middle Eastern bogeyman. This should be a certain winner. Sure there'll be some spineless windbags banging on about such a politically charged game advocating imperialistic aggression. But I'm sure that from the tenuous line o
  4. I consider this viewpoint to be rather naive, almost as naive as Tom's hankering after harmony . For a start, an equally if not more prevalent theme on this forum is "I feel comfortable playing the Germans because their army were honourable soldiers just doing their duty and the same goes for the Waffen SS who were distinct from the "bad" SS." Furthermore, irrespective of how invasive the Party itself was, its' ideology was pervasive and it made special efforts to indoctrinate the armed forces particularly once it attacked the USSR. Hitler's method of dividing power up to keep things under
  5. Here's a question: is the calibre 290mm or the barrel length? Also, I have a picture of one loaded and the front of the dustbin definitely does not have any kind of standoff although the centre is slightly recessed. I understand that the proper designation is "mortar, recoiling, spigot, MkI and Mk II".
  6. Odd, then, that the designation stood for "Assault Vehicle, Royal Engineers" before it was changed to the more namby-pamby "Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers". </font>
  7. Since I've previously posted the answer (Andreas too and possibly others) then I'll cite the search function. Good luck.
  8. The attack on post 11 was a debacle which is an illustration of how not to do things on numerous levels, including perhaps completely detaching your support weapons. That's an entirely different to internally reorganising a platoon for a tactical purpose. Especially if it was a common and effective practice
  9. The AVRE is an engineering vehicle rather than an assault vehicle. The petard mortar is for demolishing obstacles under fire thus minimising the exposure of the poor bastards that might normally be required to get out and place charges by hand. It may also be useful for taking out pillboxes or other reinforced structures which are defended but I don't think that was it's primary use. In fact in such assaults it was the flail tanks which were tasked with taking out pillboxes etc.
  10. So can I take the Bren 'teams' from my platoon sections and my 2in mortar and form a Bren group commanded by the Plt Sgt and the have the platoon commander take the rest of the Riflemen/Grenadiers and conduct the assault? No, I didn't think so.
  11. Pretty much a 2-inch mortar sticking through the roof, in fact. </font>
  12. That's entirely unnecessary, with Salt it's either the PRO or some bloke at the pub.
  13. Pretty much a 2-inch mortar sticking through the roof, in fact. </font>
  14. For grandiose German air claims at Kursk you can't go past the Bruno Meyer story discussed in the thread Dorosh linked to above. I've been racking my brains trying to recall where I read that original discussion and forgot it was at dpi. Anyway the claims are clearly debunked by the evidence and this incident along with others presented in this thread indicate that actual tank kills are a miniscule proportion of claims.
  15. So despite your first paragraph it seems that your actual underlying motivation is the one I alluded to earlier in the thread? Unfortunately there is two sides to every coin and having performed brilliantly in your execution of the axis side of things the allied side is a dog's breakfast.
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