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  1. Wow. Talk about nostalgia. Is Fionn gone? I just noticed I haven't posted since 2000. Did I miss anything? Oh and bring on CM:SF!!!!
  2. Yeah guys, you all have valid points, I guess the secret to killing an enemy on the battlefield under any circumstances is the result of dehumanizing them in one's own mind to a point where the enemy is just a piece of equipment to be destroyed. As an ex-soldier myself, I guess I too thought about how I would be able to kill the enemy if ever called to do so, and I almost had to find out in Desert Storm. Killing prisoners, however, is wrong on many levels. First off, it takes away ANY option for the enemy but to fight to the death since your dead if you surrender anyway, and TWO, a wounded soldier absorbs far more resources than a dead one, so the strategic thing to do is leave the wounded alive to be a burden on the logistical system of the enemy. But the real reason in this case is to send a message to the russian forces that the rebels are in business despite what moscow has said. I have to wonder how many russain friends I have made on the web have ended up in that god forsaken place. I hope the russians get their act together soon, but I don't believe anyone in the history of the world has been truly successful against a determined guerrilla force...Time will tell. Anyway, this video just propaganda revisited, and it has'nt changed a whole lot over the years.
  3. Thanks for the input Los. I have to say I agree. This war is FAR from over, simply because the rebels won't quit until they are all killed. I can't believe the Russians are'nt aggressively running counter guerilla ops. The rebels seem to have far too much time to linger around after an attack. Where are the Hinds? Sorry about the off topic post, but this is real and happening now. I would bet that as I type, somewhere in Chechnya, someone is getting lit up.
  4. Holy Smokes. Thanks Kwazydog! Great footage! Especially the Sturmtiger firing. Wow!
  5. oops double post [This message has been edited by Valentaur (edited 08-28-2000).]
  6. You're right guys, I apologize if I have offended anyone. I am pulling the link out of my original post. This is off topic. I was originally interested in the fact that rebels actually carry video cameras around on their ops. Once again it was in poor taste and I apologize.
  7. Yeah, Kwazydog, you're right. But it is history in the making when we live in an age where anyone with a video camera can post their own combat footage to be seen by the whole world. Also have to respect how religeous fervor can offset training. Lock it up if you must. I guess I need to find some WW2 footage...
  8. Yeah John, I thought the same thing until I went to the videos page...They are selling a CD for money too,however...notice about half way through the video when the guy shoots three rpgs at a bdrm and misses all three shots!!! Funny how they yell ALLAH AKBAR!!! after each shot.
  9. Hmm works for me guys...Give a little time to buffer up....It will be a black screen while it does this. and then it should play. It's in arabic (got it playing right now) but the action is clear enough.... [This message has been edited by Valentaur (edited 08-28-2000).]
  10. Sorry Shark, I guess I was posing it just as a question...Myself, I prefer realistic violence in games. Right down to the death quiver. I just want people to understand that real death is ugly. In games I guess it should be scalable from the realistic to no blood....Everybody is different. For Combat Mission, I would say that it is just right as it is...For now...In CM2 maybe a dead body for every figure would be appropriate...I guess I'll wait and see.
  11. Nahhh...It's free. As near as I can tell, the rebels are doing it to show the world that they are killing more russians than russians are killing rebels. You can watch it for free if you have real player installed....
  12. It would seem that rebels have video cameras these days. The rebels in question are the mujahadeen from chechnya and the videos show them ambushing trucks, armored vehicles and shooting russians. This is real war. If you are squeamish then don't watch. If you are curious about real combat then take a peek. But be warned...Real people don't disappear when they are shot. It's gross but it's real. look in the video section under Russian Hell in the year 2000. It's 51 minutes of rebels shooting up russians. Please don't watch if your are easily offended by violence. I am posting for those who want more violence in games, because this shows why there has to be a line.....decide for yourselves... [This message has been edited by Valentaur (edited 08-28-2000).] [This message has been edited by Valentaur (edited 08-28-2000).] [This message has been edited by Valentaur (edited 08-28-2000).]
  13. Oh,Comon guys....Am I the only soul left who remembers Combat Leader?????? The first real time squad to platoon combat sim featuring customization that allowed battles to be fought from WWI through 80s battles??? Truly the fore runner of it all....from SSI for the C64 in the early 80s
  14. It's a deal...Setting up now.....will send within the next 1/2 hour.... S! PENG SUX DA BIG UN!
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