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  1. It would be good pr for the army. As long as they stick to unclassified stuff. Nobody gets really killed.
  2. The show's name has to be good for CM. We are all going to be watching it with a nice cold beer.
  3. I find this particulary amazing. Not any worse than paintball. Nobody is getting killed. Only downside I see is that all that info will also be view by the foriegn threats. Like the article said, it's the operational art that will be revealed. [This message has been edited by iggi (edited 03-11-2001).]
  4. one more thing. I'm really looking forward to this. Sounds very cool. I'm not in it for any killing. But to sit in on these 'professionals' and analyse every move they make will be fascinating.
  5. Whats the difference between the show and a combat training video? Just look at the show as a training utility. Just another tool in understanding how the trade works.
  6. Do you see where the bayonet is placed? At first thought I thought that it protects the sternum and at the same time is easily reached. But do you think that if you go prone fast that you might..just might get stabbed in your neck with it? (With the cover on). ...nahhhh [This message has been edited by iggi (edited 02-25-2001).]
  7. A hairdryer? LOL Seriously though.. wouldn't the glass give a reflection of the sun?
  8. Actually the Canadian army seems to have improved in many areas: http://www.army.dnd.ca/equip/hab/index_e.html [This message has been edited by iggi (edited 02-24-2001).]
  9. That makes alot of sense. If you can't control a VL for three measly minutes, were you ever there for practical purposes?
  10. Shouldn't the correct term be relative manouver warfare? The blitz would be an example of a static line faced with an overwhelming stress at a point whereas air land battle deals with a fluid force and the force you place on it as it is in motion. So the blitz is a special case where the defenders speed=0 and the relative motion at the point off attack is at it's maximum and therefore most effective and in that case, with pressure along the French front, the French are too distracted to react in time. In airland battle, the defensive line retreats and attacks are conducted along the enemy advance. What is happening then is that the defender is manouvering with the attacker to decrease the relative motion thus avoiding overwhelming force at a point. Since the Russians depended on hordes of tanks, communication gets more difficult the faster you advance. The russian's speed becomes it's distraction. Nato, using smaller high tech units reacts faster ie manouvering faster. So in a sense nato is blitzing because it's relative manouver at a given point is faster than the soviet's. [This message has been edited by iggi (edited 01-31-2001).]
  11. Something that could be considered when deciding if a target is spotted is the area around it. Here I'm not talking about a targets's background. Suppose you have a sniper in a single building in a field. Wouldn't that sniper be easier to spot than if there were ten other buildings around it? I was playing DOD in the valley map as a sniper. On the axis side, you can hide in the valley in the open near a wall. When the allied player comes over the ridge, my immediate position is hard to spot even if I have no concealment ,(other than the shaded edge). Point being is that I'm prone in a huge valley. The allied player's eyes will not pick me up because he is confronted with the whole valley at once. It's a type of information overload I guess. So getting back to CM, a sniper in a single forest square should be easier to spot than a sniper in a forest square that has many forest squares attached to it. When a players troopers hear a shot, they have more likely places to scan therefore making the target harder to spot. This is a what if neato suggestion. Hope no one gets overly upset with a "NEVER GONNA HAPPEN" remark.
  12. deleted [This message has been edited by iggi (edited 01-29-2001).]
  13. Well that's CM's challenge. To go where no wargame/sim has gone before. PS When I talk about "CM", I mean it's future versions not a patch for this CM. [This message has been edited by iggi (edited 01-27-2001).]
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