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Battle Pack 2 Question

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Hi there


OK, I may really be showing my age here, but can somebody please assist me with the We'll Start Here campaign in BP2.

Firstly, the briefing says that the target area can be identified by a small bend in the main road.......the whole is covered by roads with small bends...especially the main road.

Then the briefing shows a list of mission objectives. None of these are marked on the game map, only Drop Zone C. Where is Eureka 1, Eureka 2 , Light 1, Light 2etc?

Maybe I am missing something but I would appreciate any of the tolerant among you helping an old guy who has wargamed since Tactics II.

Many thanks




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Are you talking about the tactical map in the scenario briefing or about the game map in which you move and fight your units?

If it's the former, then some scenario authors don't mark the objectives on the tactical map.  Just a matter of choice.

If it's the latter, then press Alt-J if you're not seeing the objectives.  That should make visible both the white objective names and the green highlights on the objective terrain.

I just played that scenario, and the objectives were clearly visible to me on the game map.

Sometimes when I open a scenario, the game has turned-off the shaders without my prompting which is annoying, but that's never happened as to the objectives' option.

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30 minutes ago, 2Old2RocknRoll said:

Forgot about the Alt-J

Oh I hate it when that happens. <alt>L turns landmarks on and off. In some scenarios that might help too.

Sorry about the two 'Light 3's. Just remember the second 'Light 3' is really 'Light 4' 🙂

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18 hours ago, Vacillator said:

I forgot I had smoke turned off once.  That didn't go well for me.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted.

I did worse. I started to play a CMFI game in "no tree" setting for a few turns. I was somewhat puzzled that the enemy might be so close without having been spotted… 😵‍💫

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5 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

That's the advantage of never turning them off.

Agreed, but sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees (or my truppen 😉)...  I tend to keep at least the trunks on in such cases (trees that is, not swimming 🫣).

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