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GeorgeMC: First Clash v1 vs v2

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George:  Starting to get through all your xnt scenarios.  Wondered if v2 of First Clash is a more final version (so v1 can be deleted) or simply adjusted for H2H like you did for "Huzzar!" and "Huzzar! Redux".   Same for "Carbide Carbide" and Carbide Carbide Redux v1".  (Is there a v2?)

Am trying to clean up scenario folders and delete obsolete copies.


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I wouldn't bother with First Clash - appears it was broken at some point with a game engine/ToE change. I checked it a while back based on a comment a player made and found it was goosed.

No additional versions of Carbide Carbide Redux_v1 - that's it.

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3 hours ago, Erwin said:

Shame about First Clash.  IIRC that has Polish troops? 

Should one delete the First "Carbide Carbide"?   

(Or... is "Carbide Carbide Redux v1" a different version, so the first version "Carbide Carbide" is worth playing as well?)

I’d just play Redux v2. I tweaked the scoring due to anomaly in US victory conditions. So aye delete first version. 

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Thanks...  nice to clean up folders overloaded with obsolete content.  The situation is much worse with mods as many of the ones made years ago no longer work due to all the updates and upgrades.  But, trying to figure out which is a full-time job.

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