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Scenario Design- Getting AI Units to hold fire

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The AI can be given an Ambush stance at different distances. For example, "only open fire when the enemy is within 100m".

That might be enough by itself.

If it's not enough, then your best bet is using a trigger. Set the stance to Hide, with an AI objective trigger, and then set the next order to Active (prioritises shooting over movement).

That way, the AI will neither move nor shoot unless fired upon, until at least one unit enters the killzone.

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2 minutes ago, czarejs said:

Hi...working on a scenario and trying to get AI units to hold fire (even though they may see enemy units in range) until they reach a certain spot. Is this possible?

So on the AI plans, the last three options on the bottom (default they say "Mixed, Normal, No Dismount"), if you hit the "normal" tab, there are a series of ambush options with ranges.  This needs to be assigned to a specific order though.

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Unit willingness to follow orders is dependent on experience level. A crack unit will hide like the Predator monster, a green unit will get spooked, get themselves noticed, and will open fire on what they consider an immediate threat.

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