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Arc of fire

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I have recently started to play CMBO, having found it in the second hand section for 99p! It is the best bargain I have ever found.

I have had a problem with units, especially AFVs, wasting rounds firing at unsuitable targets. For example, an AVRE lobbing rounds at infantry 50m away already being attacked by a Crocodile.

In this forum there have been references to setting arcs of fire to prevent this. My question is, how do I do this? Should I place the unit in a position where it cannot see the target? I have tried setting an ambush marker well away from the enemy and this stops wasting shots, but it also means the unit has no freedom to attack other suitable targets of opportunity.

I would be grateful of any advice here.

Many thanks.

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they could, but it would draw them away from current project work

support for cmbo ended long ago, which is a pity

i'd buy the game again at full price if it featured the latest revisions in CMAK

expect the next post to be someone yammering on about CMAK conversions of CMBO battles

/rolls eyes

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