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  1. This is why I just stopped in as well. Got a friend that wants to buy this and play live turn based. Looks like I'll stop back by 3 or 4 years from now.
  2. thx philippe, had a HD crash on me recently and after the rebuild i couldn't for the life of me remember where i got all the scenarios after SD went down now i know, and now i've got them again yeah, i know it's peculiar, but i like cmbo better than cmbb or cmak probably becasue it was the one that blew me away when it came out, the next two were really just refinements of the same thing
  3. back to the original question, and not that it matters mind you, just passing the time how much would i pay for an upgraded and modernized cmbo? hell, i wouldn't even need upgraded graphics just take CMBB or CMAK and make CMBO w/ it and i'd pay 50 bucks btw, since i'm just talking to myself here anyway, i'll extrapolate a bit and suggest there's another game out there that ranks easily in the top 5 of all time that could be re-made with nothing about it changed other than modern graphics and the ability to play it on modern machines and i'd pay 75 or even 100 bucks for it, and i'm
  4. go figure, some of us actually like the game the way it was originally made, flaws and all but feel free to stop by anytime...
  5. and if you happen to wander back in this forum after reading the above sites and want to play someone, shoot me a line there aren't many left playing cbmo, but there are a few of us
  6. sorry, don't recall one seeing one best i can do is suggest SD2 (scenario depot 2) http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/index.html although i must admit i'm pretty underwhelmed by their selection for cmbo - used to be thousands of them at SD actually come to think of it, i wouldn't waste my time checking SD2 - i just looked, took me all of 2 seconds to confirm there's nothing there for CMBO to speak of - shame just reminds me how much i miss SD
  7. i've recently fired up a bunch of BO games here: http://www.theblitz.org/index.php if you're looking for some opponents, jump on the ladder and start firing off some emails at others on the bootcamp ladder before you know it you'll have as many BO engagements going as you want
  8. the brits were para's, and while it's true you get more with an american infantry platoon, i didn't think they were as well suited for the bldg fighting we'll be doing a lot of - but no matter, i'll use them at longer ranges and hold the other para's in reserve till things get in close as for the arty, the 81mm spotter for the american's comes with 200 rounds - nothing on the brit side goes that high - admittedly this isn't the sort of arty that does a lot of damage, but i wanted to send a couple minutes worth into a certain area i thought was the most obvious approach and still have some l
  9. fyi, the reason why it stands out as so obvious when you load up and see the change is the base colors for the units was different i've got base colors turned on just to help me see where everything is at
  10. yeah, that would occur i suppose to anyone reading the description as a possibility but no, that's not what happened the time between the placement turn and first move turn was same day (if there had been a lag of several days or i had multiple battles que'd up in PBEM Helper, sure, it could of gone down that way) but there was no change between purchase and placement - it was between placement, and first turn movement
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