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  1. This is why I just stopped in as well. Got a friend that wants to buy this and play live turn based. Looks like I'll stop back by 3 or 4 years from now.
  2. Always amusing to watch MS periodically pretend like they care or are going to put any effort into support PC gaming.
  3. If you're sticking with NCIX I don't guess there's much to say. But hey, I'll post this anyway, you can buy custom built computers designed to whatever specs you want for a lot less here: http://www.ecollegepc.com/ Assuming you don't want to bother with building one yourself.
  4. If you've got an nvidia card download the free Nvidia Experience and check out ShadowPlay. Makes a good video and you can downsize the files using movie maker (free program /w win 7, i assume it's in 10 as well). Nice thing about ShadowPlay besides the fact it works seamlessly is it has an option to record the last 5 minutes with the push of a button, so you don't have to leave it running if you don't want to, just hit ALT-F10 whenever something cool happened and viola, the last 5 minutes is sitting there waiting for you as a file.
  5. Yeah, the guy authoring the article is familiar with CM, one of the few if only people on a mainstream gaming site that talks about it at all. Chances are the AI even such as it is will prove challenging to the people who respond, unless a regular from here jumps in. Always amused by the attitude towards the AI in the forum, given in all likelihood the majority of the players of this series play mostly SP. For me, I find it sufficiently fun when the AI plays defense to entertain myself just fine.
  6. Follow up coverage is much more extensive and if I'm reading it right, Tim is inviting the readers to play as the Axis: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/04/15/the-flare-path-welcomes-combative-commenters/#more-360249
  7. My 2 cents, wait on a new GPU if you can, the next rev of Nvidia cards are likely one of those rare times where there's a significant performance increase. So you can either buy previous gen cheaply or pick up the latest and see nice performance boost. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/04/07/nvidia-pascal-cards/
  8. Not sure how this would make it less fun, I had plenty of fun with cm1, and never gave it a 2nd thought in terms of confusion as to what it meant the first time I encountered it.
  9. Ah, thank you kind sir. Looked everywhere for that darn thing.
  10. I looked around for awhile trying to find the playtest form, no luck?! I feel like I'm missing something that should be really obvious to find. Posted same question on the scenario I downloaded, figured first thing I should also do is locate this form, but stymied so far on that front. Any help? Thanks.
  11. Great idea, I mean assuming he's game of course. Would be nice to grab a few of these pre-made semi random QB maps!
  12. Seems like this thread would be worthy of the same treatment as the screenshot one that got pinned, perhaps this one should to?
  13. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay and the combat mission series!
  14. To each his own. I will only add that what you perceive as "art" in these two films is actually an attempt to explore and delve into the psychology of warfare down at the ground level, so that "truth" you mention is in fact the exact thing these two movies are looking to uncover. You don't sympathize with truth, you only catch it out of the corner of your eye when you're not looking.
  15. I'm a big fan of the director, so I thought his adaption of the book was well done, and I consider the book one of the best ever at capturing the mindset and experience of soldiers on the line. Most struggle with Malik, his work often produces polarized responses, people either love it or hate it. So, not to worry, Malik has never asked for nor received a wider audience, the review I link below hits upon why I suspect he's not loved by a general audience, he doesn't tend to make heavy use of plots and American audiences tend to be rather hung up on standard plot arch so they know when to
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