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Barkman's Corner Revisited, "Missing Water?" Question

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Say folks,

I have a question about the the terrain in this scenario. On the map edge almost directly east of Barkman's panzer, on the map edge, is a large depression in the ground. It seems the way the textures are laid is that this should be a body of water. Yet no water appears there. Could this possibly be a gravel pit or a small quarry?

Also there is a another body of possible water just south of there. It appears to be a deep depression with some water in the bottom. Now this terrain feature is on a area of higher elevation than where the first "Water" feature is. As there is no way to bring the water level up without a whole bunch of rigamore I figure that I will just convert this to a marsh at the same elevation.

So before I monkey around with the big pit and add water, then adjust the elevations to bring the water to a proper height, I am asking if this is water or a gravel pit?

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