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Battlefront pls add glorious Ukrainian army lada

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20 hours ago, professionalXMAZ said:

Indeed, among volunteer and even regular units in 2014 there were many self-made armored cars and usual cars, adapted for combat. Also such vehicles were using from opposing side. Alas, even for part of it need to do separate module %)

Several examples:

This was civil Nissan


This is Dodge Dacota


And this miniatue armored car is made from UAZ-469 (this tiny one survived the hell of 2014-2015 and now in museum)


But most famous one is, of course, "Ginger" of "Azov" battalion - APC on the base of KAMAZ truck. Photo from museum, 12,7 HMG dismounted. Though there were many similar constructions. 


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1 hour ago, SelfLoadingRifle said:

Jeremy Clarkson really took the p1ss out of the Robin Reliant three wheeler (aka the Plastic Pig) and this was the response.  Dear Mr. Steve G... Can we have one of these in the (hopefully) forthcoming CMBS Brits module?  

Pretty please, with strawberries on top.  



😆 Shipped to UKR from UK for target practice only... UKR military had better ideas! 

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