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so after playing the game 7 years ago and finsihing mid Campaign because I did not like those BIG Scenarios with overwhelming quantity of troops and tanks, I got the update and started playing the tutorial. I have to say this is for me the best wargame out there. So I don't want to make the same mistake like last time. After I finish the tutorial what Campaign or single Scenarios could you recommend me to Play which have just a handfull (or max two handfull) of troops and tanks? As of now I do not own any additional Modul. Would appreciate every advice here and thanks in Advance for helping me out!

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I've been playing CM since 2012 (or was it 2011?) and I still very rarely will go for a scenario or Quick Battle with hundreds of units. It really can be overwhelming, so I quite understand what you're talking about and can very much relate. 

If you go into the Battles menu you can sort by battle size. The ones that might come close to what you want are "Tiny". There aren't many, because most players do seem to prefer Medium to Large (in game terms) battles. 

An alternative is to use Quick Battles, and set both the Battle and map size to Small or Tiny. This will still give you enough points to have considerably more forces than you say you want. So here is the (slightly) tricky part: In the QB setup you can limit the forces for one side. You can lower the AI player's points up to 60%. And then rather than use ALL the points made available to you, use less. Use as much as you wish to control. Given the AI is not a perfect force picker, you can end up with some challenging but not impossible battles. 

There is some trial an error here. There is also going to be an occasion when the AI picks a force that is goofy or to big for you. It's something you have to live with, but you will learn to play the game more, and I think have a heck of a good time doing it. 

Finally, you can play against a human. Then, you can use the QB system but both parties agree ahead of time how much points they wish to spend. I do this myself with some opponents and it caters well to our desire to experiment with platoon-sized battles with a mere handful of units. I even have some custom maps I downloaded for this very purpose. Honestly, I think this last bit - playing against a human with agreed-upon points - is the best and most rewarding way to do what you want. 


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yeah kind of a tough call if you have the following requirements

  • you play only against the AI, not against another human
  • you own only the base game

Scenario developers tend to take advantage as new stuff comes out so a lot of the newer scenarios are going to require some of the modules.  That leaves you with the QB aspect.  There are a lot of folks who can give tips like budbacker about how to get the most out of the quick battles and possibly satisfy your itch.


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