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Cmsf2 full version pbem opponents

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jclark1111172@gmail.com for a DB invite. Ill play any side. Dont like gamieness - I.E. exploits, or extreme map edge use.  we can loosely discuss if we do a QB or whatever.  I play realistically - doesnt mean you have to...   I say realistically loosely btw =p

But scenarios, or qbs whatever.  I like reinforced company with support weapons or tanks and arty..  and Ive found +1'ing the map size to battle size is a great way to give yourself maneuver room - battles medium size? large map. small size? medium map..   Ive noticed it makes a huge difference and turns things into not just frontal assaults.

My other major thing is I dont like meeting engagements. I will if you insist, but I prefer probes and attacks.  Assaults give such a high ratio to attackers that theyre almost guaranteed a win.  Probes or attacks still have the attack/defend dynamic but with much closer to parity on forces.  IIRC its 1.25:1 probe  1.5:1 atk and 2:1 for assasult.

Again though I only have on oppo currently =( so Im very flexible on these 'rules' =D

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I'd be interested in a PBEM with me as REDFOR (I really want to give the Syrian forces a spin :))

The following scenarios look fairly unique and interesting : NATO Halt Hammerzeit, Abu Susah, UK Cain and Abel, USMC Rahadnak Valley Search, Tactical Vignette 98-3 Attack in Brandenburg, but I'm also open to anything else.

You, I, or a dice throw can pick.

If you still have a spot open, just tell me what you want and I'll send an invite.

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Just now, Artkin said:

I cant even get an empty map ported :(

I downloaded all the scenarios for cmsf. Will be looking for a  good map in those

Not sure what you mean. CMSF 1 maps and scenarios should just open in CMSF 2. They do for me and I have tried a lot of them not just the BF ones 

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