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To Celebrate the Release of CMSF2: Video Playthrough TF Thunder Campaign


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fun to see the differences in play style.  I had my M1s move up those ramps with one tank coming through the gap at the roadway.  let them destroy everything in sight, then pulled them all to the gap and move forward slowly again decimating anything that moved.  Strykers behind, arty dropping ahead  and eventually started dropping in infantry to secure the various objective locations.

Moving the Jav teams up is an interesting move I had not explored.

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As I  really enjoyed those immersive character driven custom campaigns we´ve got for Normandy and Red Thunder I´ve decided to create a short fictional introduction story and alter ego in the story that the Shock Force manual provides us for this campaign playthrough:

It may come with some typos but due to the work involved in reprocessing the video it I won´t be able to fix them.

Some further information on this and other playthroughs of mine:

- As my other playthroughs and this introduction story may point out, I´m enjoying a gritty, serious aproach to warfare matters which comes with little heroics, as novels and movies about war and soldiership in a similar vein always were the ones that impressed me the most. This also goes in line with my perception of war and its surroundings. I am pretty sure this style is not for everyone and people of course have different tastes. Feel free to skip this introduction and just to enjoy the missions.

- my playthroughs come with several ambient soundtracks of games and movies supplementing this viewpoint, expect tracks that do not intend to create an action movie setting with heavy and fast tunes but that aim to create a surreal and gritty atmosphere which accompanies war.

- time limits are often very strict in CM and I often found myself committing countless lives in order to take a objective which in reality I never had done. As I enjoy to command as if I were responsible for real lifes  I may not commit to every objective if I feel that the price is too high (especially if you keep Benton´s past in mind, he may not be that individual that is interested in daring actions in order to earn some stars and stripes.) If you´re looking for an ace 100% total victory playthrough I am certainly not the one providing this as some ingame scores are not that important for me.

- I like to incorporate alot of roleplay like keeping units´ MOS in mind and do alot of things even with zero ingame gain for that.

Have fun!

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Second Lieutenant Pak made a dangerous decision when he decided to lead 2nd Platoon A Company deep into a Syrian Town. Not able to accept leaving wounded men behind, 2nd Lt Pak commits again to an hazardous plan... Mission 10 Part 1:


Mission 10 Part 2:


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54 minutes ago, General Jack Ripper said:

😲 You're almost finished the campaign, and I've only just finished the first mission...

Maybe I should just hang up my YouTube spurs...

Normally I get pretty quickly fatigued with computer games but I´m having a great time with CMSF2 and this campaign.

Mission 17 Part 3:


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