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Filling the unforgiving minute

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"If you can wait and not be tired by waiting"

I have been using the time profitably by getting to grips with Command Modern Naval Air Operations which has to he one of the most brilliant (and complicated) game/simulations on the market and guess what?  I am starting to make real progress.  The tactics are something else though.  I used to wear green not blue and as a result I have absolutely nothing in the way of tactics or SOPs to fall back on.  However, I have done a lot of research (which is still ongoing) and I am beginning to get results.

I am currently on the last strike scenario.  It is called Dodging the Bullet and it has been proving a tough nut to crack although I think I have finally worked out what to do.  When I have finished with that I get to learn how to drive a submarine and with that done I will start playing with those floaty boaty things that are blunt at one end and sharp at the other.  I think they are called ships...

Any all tips/advice gratefully received.


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Being an ex paratrooper I’m not sure I’m a good source for tips. 

But I love the game. Check the forum for a utility that gives you a list of scanarios you can sort by complexity or difficulty. Good way to find reasonable ones that won’t overwhelm you at the start. 

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Another one here that has the game but haven't had time to delve in it yet. That is, I started it up once and goofed around with it for about an half our. Than I quit :D 
Sure ssems interesting enough to learn to play better! So, untfortunately I'm not really in a position to give tips.

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