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Tank Duel

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To whom it concerns:

This appears to be an interesting new "1 on 1" WW2 tank battle board game developement. Somewhat like the good old AH's  "Patton's Best" (Which I tried that a few times, but unfortunately never came to like). However, Tank Duel will be a card driven, multiplayer game with solitaire option. And, of course, looking much better than PB.




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5 hours ago, Erwin said:

I remember Patton's Best - which was fun when there were no sophisticated computer games like CM series available back in those "Dark Ages". 



Patton‘s Best was too „dry“ for me. Somehow, I always had the impression to just satisfy the game mechanics. Which on the other hand may be appropriate. I remember an early WW2 tank simulator, where I had the feeling, all I could do is to drive around, hope to spot something and wait for final impact...

Re the „Dark Ages”: Those were the days! Nothing better than watching your opponent crumbling at the table.

Ok, surrendering early in a computer game comes close. But that’s a different story.

4 hours ago, Bud Backer said:

Reminds me a bit of Up Front! by Avalon Hill. 

Hm, yes, if you take it very generally. Up Front was kind of a board game without board. I played it only once or twice, but liked it quite much. Bought my own copy years later on Ebay and never played it.

The Up Front system was quite popular back then. There are many similar games around (I own three, I think) and it even is still in use nowadays.

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