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Just now, silent_crescendo said:

@c3k how does the game run for you? 

With many casualties, burning wrecks, and cowardly pixeltruppen fleeing in disarray.  ;)

It runs smoothly. I've got a freesync monitor hooked up to my AMD card (R9 390) pushing a 2560x1440 display. My fps runs slower than it does in other games, but I wouldn't know it if it weren't for the FRAPS fps counter. It is smooth and sharp with a lot of good detail.

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8 hours ago, JoMc67 said:

3PO, what does that 'CM: Final Blitzkrieg' Logo located top-Left of AMD Radeon Settings do...Mine just says 'Global Settings'.

You can now have app specific graphic profiles which override any global ones.

The upper right corner of the Gaming Tab has a Add Profile option. The wizard will then present a scan/browse dialog where you can link the profile to the executable (or app) you want to customize.

I'm not at my gaming system at the moment so the above is IIRC...

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Ahh, Ok...I have 4x Combat Mission Games, and I just linked them all by using the Desktop Icons. Thou, I will probably keep the Settings on them all the same as 'Global' (seems to work pretty well for me).

Thanks again...

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Both Nvidia and AMD give you the option of GLOBAL and SPECIFIC options. Global does what it means: it sets the video card settings for all uses. You can then override/modify/change those global settings for specific programs. That's the "add profile" or "add game" settings. They'll scan your system and come up with what it finds for executables. Or, you can manually browse for executables and "add profile" for that one. (Navigate to your CMFB .exe, for example.) Then, you can create a specific way for the GPU to render whenever that particular exe is running.

Nvidia, with its driver, has a system that does it automatically, based on a database of installed hardware and software and sets their recommended settings for you. You can still change them. Gaming Experience? 


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