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CMBS Multiplayer ideas


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This kind of thread may have been done previously, but I figured I'd voice my opinion anyway.

If it was possible, I think it'd be really cool to have 4v4 battles etc... Have one person command company HQ level elements, then his three platoon leaders under him command their platoons. Playing like this in real time would make battles feel much better and leave less stress to the players. Personally I would not mind playing a role as laid back as a company HQ element which calls in cas, approves artillery, recons...etc.

What do you guys think about this kind of hierarchy?

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We used to attempt some large battles in CM1 with teams on each side.  The problem was that it only takes one person to fail to keep up a satisfactory rate of returning files and everyone is screwed.

Maybe better in a situation where everyone is in close physical proximity so you can go kick butts.

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Yup and then everyone else waits and waits and waits... and then someone else has to stop for a while.  And on it goes.   It's hard enuff doing multiplayer using PBEM.  In RT it could be horrendous.  Have already been thru this with CM1.   Am aware that "one can't teach anybody anything".  So, you'll have to learn the hard way.  But, hey, you may get lucky.

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Well how often do things like that happen?

The Wargame series does the same thing to a much lesser realistic scale. Sure there are a couple duds here and there but this community is significantly more mature. 

Of course it's optional to play the way I propose. People can still play 1v1. However, if you assemble a team of players and coordinate well, you could steamroll opponents. 

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