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Bridge bug

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I was playing the mission of the campaingn Courage and fortitude where you need to take the bridge and while my attack didnt went well i still had the advantage with my tank until an unseen and insidious ennemy appear....the famous bridge bug. Seeing one of my 2 last shermans rubber banding on the bridge was frustrating......until i order it to back up and in a maddening moment it explode on an unseen mine at the beggining of the bridge. Shaken by that event but with an iron resolve to take that damn bridge and the rest of the objectifs who already cost a lot of my men, i send the last dherman capable of moving and in an heart-shattering moment i sse that hateful, odious, abominable, heinous bug pointing its ugly nose again. Not only it block my tank on the bridge, it cost me the mission and in the end the campaign.


My point is, i know that its hard to get rid of bugs but is there i way to work around that bug or maybe doing something with waypoint that will help?



Thank you,


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I long for the day when all bridge bugs are gone. I recently had (prior to 4.0) in RT a HT drop down below a bridge. The bugs must be really hard because they have tried and tried again. Persistant little buggers. Too bad you lost the entire campaign because of it. That sucks.

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5 hours ago, Panzerpanic said:

<Snip> is there i way to work around that bug or maybe doing something with waypoint that will help?  

I have read, here on the forum, that using just two waypoints works best.  Place one immediately before the bridge begins and one immediately after the bridge ends.  I do this and very seldom have problems.  This is the only "trick" I am aware of.   

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