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Indication of knocked out main gun


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As it is now, you have to check the tab for system damage to see if the main gun works. Problem is in large battles with a lot of tanks is that you can lose track of which tanks has had their main guns knocked out. I usually want the tab for ammo open and find that sometimes I put a tank into a attacking position only to realize that its main gun is out of order. A feature option I'd like is that all ammo (MGs too) that can't be used is indicated with red color, crossed over or something like it.

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I usually pull them out of harms way until the tank threat is gone and then move forward as a mobile MG pillbox vs infantry and spotting in general. And if a H2H battle it may confuse the other player into thinking it is a new tank.

Another solution would be to make the game remember which units one for which one has clicked on the damage tab - that way you can have a reminder for all subsystem damage.

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