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Caesar Augustus famously walked about in a daze for quite some time after the disaster at Teutoburger Wald crying out "Publius Quinctilius Varus , give me back my legions!" At least he had troops to start with. I got none!





I saved this, this, whatever it is. Note to higher: Presently unable to hold this sector.


John Kettler

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Here's what happened

1 There are no AI auto selected US Forces

2. There are AI auto selected Russian Forces

The reason is broken down in the Setup Pic

It's a Tiny Probe Mission (least Pts available) with AI Auto selection of Armor (most expensive unit type)

Rarity and other factors not shown like unit availability date and unit quality rating may have a role, too

The AI is supposed to choose something  so it's a TOE bug and I will report it. 

Thanks for reporting this.


No AI Units in Tiny Auto.jpg


No AI Units Setup Screen.jpg

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Somehow I missed your reply, for which my apologies for a tardy response. I do not understand you Item 1, for as this link clearly shows, I set both sides to Automatic, not just the Russians.


Or are you saying that though I set both on Automatic, and those settings displayed as such, somehow the game setup code didn't get the message? In any event, I'm glad you concur there's a problem and have notified the CM authorities. Thanks!


John Kettler

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