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You can play by e-mail (PBEM) and play by LAN/Internet.  I play by email so I am not familiar with the LAN/Internet way of playing.

If you use PBEM you will want DropBox and CM Helper or DropBox and Who's Turn is it.  All three can be found for free. 

For PBEM on page 27 of the manual.  (Page 26 describes LAN/Internet.) 

Play by Email works exactly like Single-Player Turn-based play, except that once a player completes their commands and actions, a special save game file is generated. The player emails this file to their opponent who loads it on their end, executes their commands, watches the results of the previous turn, then saves a file and returns it to the first player.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the process:
1. You pick a Game and are prompted to create a password. This creates Game file 01 which is stored as an Outgoing file. You will find this file in (Title Name)/Games File/Outgoing Email. You send this to your partner.
2. Your Partner gets the 01 file and saves it in his Incoming Email Folder.
3. He starts the game and finds file 01 in the Saved Game portion of the Opening menu.
4. Partner puts in password and a new file 02 will be generated to be sent to you.
By saving and swapping these files via email, the players advance the game from turn to turn at a pace that the players can adjust to their liking. The gameplay itself, i.e., the Action Phase, still takes place in real-time - just like in Turn-Based Single Player mode.
Note: If the PBEM files are too large for email transfer, you can use a number of free services on the internet allowing you to upload and swap large files online.

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On 4/6/2016 at 8:49 PM, SgtHatred said:

You can play Real time in multiplayer.


On 4/6/2016 at 0:05 PM, kinophile said:

Correct. It's my personal preference. 

Wow.  Sorry.  You guys are correct.  It has it right on page 27 of the manual.  The same page I copied the PBEM info from.  So @yfighter01 you can play the game real time with your friend.  I play PBEM and obviously don't have a handle on the real time stuff so before I post inaccurate information again I'm going to go screw up a different thread :). @SgtHatred and @kinophile understand the real time game play and know what they are talking about.  I would trust both their knowledge and opinions on the subject matter.  Off I go .................

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Okay, obviously no one here seems to understand what yfighter wants: an explanation on how to play Real-Time via Internet connection. <_<

Just looked it up (don't do it myself): One player chooses a Scenario, chooses his side and then the play-mode - there you can select 'Real-Time via Internet' or something along these lines. If the player selects it, he is given an IP-Adress and Port. He then transmits these numbers to his buddy who hits 'Join Network Game' in the main menu and types in the numbers accordingly.

From there everything should go its ways.

Figuring this out took me less time than to write those lines here. Honestly, have you looked into the manual at all? B)



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ita not quite that simple.

for LAN games, yes it is.

For two computers separated in different geographic locations, its not. There's some switching on of ports, identify and UDP/TCP/****ME nonsense to sort out. Extra agony if you both have firewalls installed. The manual gives only the theory, not the mechanics (I understand why, but its still bloody frustrating).

Trying to do this right now with a friend/


Anyone got a how-to?


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