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Sound Contact Questions?

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This is the training mission Roadblock in CMBN, I put all the germans on hide, then I goto the American 1st turn and observe german sound contacts


What are the Americans heering?, all of the germans are hiding.


Why are there any sound contacts at all visible?


How does the ai select which units are making sound?vs which ones are not?




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pete, ok, you were right , when I logged back into the game it went to 20%, then I edited it to zero and saw no sound contacts, and then edited to 70% and saw a ton 


so the question remains, are the sound contacts actually based on sound or suspected enemy positions based on intel, I would make sense that they would try to keep quiet as much as possible if not silent

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Pre-intel are not sound contacts. They reflect gathered intelligence - recce patrol sightings, aerial recce, etc set by the scenario designer.  If pre- intel is zero as you stated you are unlikely to get sound contacts at game start.



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The other thing to remember is that those '?' icons are not strictly speaking sound contacts.  They are unidentified contacts.  They could be sound, glimpses of moment, early intel or markers for previously spotted enemy.  See "Floating Icons" pp 39 in CM Engine Manual v3.00.

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