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CMBS Mythbuster - redfor vehicles smokes

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Several test results for redfor vehicle smokes 


1. BMP-2 and BMP-2K's black smoke is NOT IR blocking. 

I tested with AT-6 Shturm-S vs Abrams in hotseat mode. Shturm failed to see the Abrams in the open behind the black smoke, but Abrams clearly can see the Shturm through the black smoke. It seems Shturm use visible light spectrum, while Abrams can see in thermal, so that black smoke helped Abrams to kill redfor units lol. 

One good thing of black smoke is that, it generates smoke more longer than white ones. The smoke grenade for black smoke discharges the gas more than 1~1.5 min, can provide the screen around 1.5 min even in heavy wind. 



2. BMP-3M ERA have NO smoke at all. 

I didn't knew this, but BMP-3M ERA doesn't have any smoke launchers. Smoke button is deactivated from the beginning. I will not use this unit anymore from this moment. (Maybe against UA army?) 



3. BMP-3M Shtora and T-90A can launch smoke only twice. 

Actually, BMP-3M Shtora have more smoke launchers on the turret than other BMP-3 variants. It launches 6 smoke at once, so field more wider smoke. That is all. Total possible number of smoke discharge is 2, as same as other redfor vehicles. There are no 3+ smoke discharging redfor vehicles in this game. Is this true for real world Rus vehicles?  



4. Shturm-S automatically changes the position after launch. 

This was surprising, I didn't expect the Shturm-S can shoot & scoot automatically. However, I think it would be anyway useless against Abrams or Bradley's optics. In addition, this kind of unwanted movement would expose its position, or easily give up good hull down position, and I don't know how to stop automated shoot and scoot. So, I think I won't use this unit. 




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exsonic01, thanks for taking the time to do the tests and posting the results.  I always find this stuff interesting.  I have found I like the BMP-2M with at least a two man scout team left inside the vehicle for spotting.  It has CITV Thermal.  But also only two turns of smoke fired approximately 100 meters in front of the vehicle. 

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Did you try the BMP-2M?

They field 3 at once, total 6 smoke grenades. But I'm not sure it is proper demonstration or not. Or it could be a bug, since the skin of BMP-2M is strange now. 


ps) BMP-2M's smoke is white and IR blocking. 

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