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Minor Soviet TOE issue.

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ATGs and IGs should be in 4 gun batteries. Accounts by veterans make this clear. The smallest command would be a 2 gun section, of the two such comprising the battery. Believe the next tier up from Battery would be Battalion, then Regiment. Nowhere have I ever seen the word "platoon" used in reference to Russian artillery.


While we're fixing things, and this applies to all the CMx2 and beyond games, would BFC please change the QB text to a font which isn't spindly and hard to read,  to a larger point size and  c) normal visual format, as opposed to the present hard to read reversed type. I have a brand new set of glasses, but I still practically went blind in setting up a CMBS QB and saw the same thing in CMBN. Your screenshot shows things are no different in CMRT.




John Kettler

Edited by John Kettler
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