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Found 5 results

  1. About the Scenario This scenario recreates one of Lt. Otto Carius' engagements made famous in his book 'Tigers in the Mud' on page 166 'The Ambush'. The scenario map size is around 2.9km x 3.4km. Both sides have around a company+. You have around 01hr 40 Minutes (+0-15 minutes variable time). However it’s unlikely, playing against the AI that you’ll need all this time, although playing H2H it might be useful. Playing the ScenarioThis scenario was originally designed to be played first and foremost from the perspective of the German side against the Soviet AI. It is playable head to head (H2H) but has not been playtested for balance in this regard. I suspect it’ll be a tough one for the German player – so if playing H2H let the less experienced player take the Soviets. It is also playable Soviet Vs German AI - given the tactical situation and the game engine limitations of the AI - the German AI struggles with the situation. Still if you want to blow up Hitlerite Bandit Tigers – knock yersel out! AI PlansThere are three distinct Soviet AI plans and one German AI plan – thus allowing some level of re-playability. Those who want the true historical ‘feel’ then play Soviet AI Plan 1. It is the closest to how the Soviets reacted in the actual action. To access AI Plan 1, open this scenario in the editor and ‘switch off’ whatever other Red AI Plans you don’t want to play. It won’t affect FOW unless you take a peek at the other info. About the Action On the 22nd July 1944 Tigers of 2 Company (under the temporary command of Lt. Carius) from schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502 ambushed the spearhead of the Soviet 5th Tank Corps, the tip of 4th Shock Army’s spear, which had just cleanly broken through Army Group North’s defences. What is arguably unique about this action was the initial bold attack made by Carius and Kerscher into the village which was occupied by T34s from 41st Tank Brigade, made destroying a number of them. Subsequent debate focuses on the exact kill tally - claimed by Carius in his book - in and around the village, the subsequent 'ambush' of the remainder of the Soviet tank unit some km east, and the part played by a nearby German Stug battery or batteries. The debate around the facts of this event I'll set aside for now but if you are interested there is a Historical Action PDF contained in the zip file that outlines the facts behind the engagement and subsequent research and opinion. To Play You can grab it from the repository or the Scenario Depot in a zip file (which contains the scenario game file, historical action PDF with sources and a master tactical map to help orientate yourself). As always I'd appreciate any feedback etc. If you can post any comments etc in this thread that would be hugely appreciated ta! Enjoy! The Battlefield You can find the real world place (Malinova or Malinovka) in Google earth at the kmz file attached below. This image shows the view looking west towards the village of Malinova/Malinovka. In Carius' account Kerscher's and Carius' Tigers engaged twenty Soviet tanks (T34s and IS-2s). They quickly destroyed 2 T-34's and one IS-2, (according to Carius' memoirs). Some remaining tanks were destroyed in the village, others were forced out into the field to the southeast of the road (foreground as you see in the above image above). As the attack was taking place, Carius and Kerscher were joined by Nienstedt as well as some assault guns coming from the north. Most Russian tanks were destroyed, but a few did escape. Close up view of part of the village of Malinova/Malinovka. Carius and Kerscher charge into the village to engage the waiting Soviet armour. Carius at Malinava Historical Background.pdf
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/sep/27/10-myths-about-afghanistan
  3. Can anyone walk me through (or direct me to a resource covering) the full "life-cycle" of a Soviet mech unit, let's say brigade-sized, during Operation Bagration? From initial breakthrough all the way to the point it is completely fought out and everything in between? I know it is a bit of a research project but the only resource I have on-hand is Glantz's translation of the Soviet staff study for the operation and I'm not having much luck finding what I am looking for in those pages, although there is a lot of very good stuff. A few more specific questions: 1) How often would they receive resupply? 2) What sort of maintenance and repair servicing could they expect? 3) What would be a typical response to encountering larger and meaner enemy forces? 4) How long would a typical push last before being relieved or calling it in? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to lay the groundwork for a small-scale Soviet campaign, since it appears no one has made one for CMRT and I want to pluck out some interesting, plausible situations such a unit might find itself after the infantry have broken through.
  4. Useful website for those looking for unit make up of Soviet armoured units in WWII: http://tankfront.ru/index.html
  5. Soviet Army, Motorized Infantry Anti-tank Battery [medium] contains two platoons... which further contain two platoons. There might be other branches where the AT Bty [medium] has platoons in its platoons.
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