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Found 4 results

  1. Hello together! Again a post from my side to help improving the best game in the world! I'm just starting a new battle in CMBN with Waffen SS defending and now as I choose a motorized SS Panzergrenadier batalion in the purchasing screen, from the category "Mechanized Infantry", I realize that they don't have any vehicles. No Opel Blitz trucks or Kubelwagen, not even an old bicycle... can it be? The same applies to the SS Panzerdivision Escort Company, in both categories, "infantry" and "mechanized infantry". In the category "Wehrmacht", there are always ammunition trucks assigne
  2. I've put this here instead of the bug section so the scenario makers have a chance to jab at realistic orders of battle through the scenario editor. Sourcing preface. TOEs and ORBATs are considered classified information. That is why you won’t find original document sourcing here. Gathering this information from direct sourcing is also illegal. Most of this is presented “as is” for that exact reason and formation numbers are dropped. Where applicable, general sourcing will be used. Part 1 - Motor-rifle battalion. This is presented in an ascending order from squad to battalion unit size. W
  3. Here we go with our counterparts. This is version 1, so please excuse grammar mistakes and the like. Mechanized and Armored forces Part 1 - Current weapon systems in service In this section the author we will try to examine the current (as of end of 2015) equipment, composition and organisation used by the Ukrainian mechanized and armored units. Other branches might get a passing mention. Since the author is not a Ukrainian citizen, we will mention unit numbers, something we could not do for our Russian investigations. Brief overview of current weapon systems in service: 1 - MBT Ukranian
  4. Soviet Army, Motorized Infantry Anti-tank Battery [medium] contains two platoons... which further contain two platoons. There might be other branches where the AT Bty [medium] has platoons in its platoons.
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