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Disappearing AI units. Bug?

Alexey K

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I'very finished another QA yesterday.

One thing surprised me. My vehicles were engaged with ATGM from distant forest. I didn't get there and finished game by capturing VPs. But when I reviewed map in aftermath of the battle, there was no enemy units of appropriate types. Only few scouts and HQ squads.

How could this happen?

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They could have moved, or depending on the type of missile involved it might not be terribly obvious who was carrying what, doubly so if they shot off all their ammo. A LOT of units carry missiles, keeping track of your own can be tricky at times. every single one matters . :)


When they shot at my BMP, enemy troop icon clearly said it was ATGM squad with Javelin.

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Javelin uses a CLU (Command Launch Unit) - not some large tripod type stand. Easy to overlook when you check out the units. There is also the possibility the offending Javelin users died so you might want to check out the KIAs?


Can I view detailed list of killed soldiers after mission?

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