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Hunt Command + UAV


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Hi everyone,


When playing through the Russian campaign, I have noticed that I am unable to use the hunt command with an HQ squad to search some nearby forests. The reason being I believe, is that this HQ is also running a UAV mission on another part of the map which has detected enemy AFV's. That being specified, I have tried multiple times to issue a hunt command for the squad yet it keeps being canceled. I believe it is simply due to the fact that they have "spotted" something (UAV spots) and won't continue even though they are not receiving any direct or indirect fire. However, I can move them by any other command. 


Now the question is, was this coded in or is this an unwanted feature? 







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Status is:


Rested, although they do have a fair amount of equipment. Every time I give them the hunt command they refuse to accept the order and cancel it just as if they would have spotted enemy within range or taken fire. I am positive they have not taken fire and as you can see, I have them moving on move command now. Also take notice how they are running the UAV mission and the UAV has spotted that UKR BTR in the distance. I will have to run a simple test after this scenario to see if this is the case in the editor. 

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When the UAV spots something and you click on the unit that has been identified from the air, it highlights the icon of the unit who ordered the UAV mission, as if it had a regular LOS so perhaps the observer reacts as if it was directly in sight of the target.

That is my thought exactly. I don't think this is a proper game mechanic? Maybe something overlooked during testing? I should still be able to use the hunt function even though my team has spotted something via the UAV.

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I have tested this in the editor and this is the case.

If a unit is currently running a UAV mission and they have received a spot via the UAV and are out of contact with the enemy, the unit cannot use the hunt order. They immediately cancel the order as though they have made contact with enemy and/or taking fire.

Is this done purposely or an unwanted feature? If so, any plans on correcting?

Thank you.

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