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Questions re. fording


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I've looked in the manual but some of the questions I had after being given a QB meeting engagement map bisected by a river are still unanswered so I am throwing myself at your mercy as usual and with thanks in anticipation:


-  Is it safe to assume that all US vehicles, tracked and wheeled, can ford shallow water?  I assume this because I do not see specific ford capable or non capable specifications for individual vehicles in the manual's vehicle description appendices.


- How can I tell how deep a particular body of water is and from that, deduce whether or not it is fordable?


- Are all infantry capable of fording?


- Are there map cues, such as route lines from units, that will tell me whether ot not the unit can cross any body of water?


I figured I had better get the answers to these questions as I am going to be at a great disadvantage if I believe I can only cross a river over a bridge when I could be fording it.

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Water comes in a few different types


Water and reeds - cannot be forded at all

Deep Ford - can be forded by infantry

Shallow Ford - can be forded by both vehicles and infantry. (Vehicles can bog however).


Some maps will have paths and roads leading to from fords, but some will not, some will have labels. 

Fords can be seen by looking underwater at their suspected location, but it can be difficult to tell whether it is a shallow or deep ford when found.

Like so many things in the game it's a matter of getting your eye in.


Easiest way to establish the location of fords for a given map is to look in the editor, but some might consider that a bit gamey. 





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The way I do it is either taking the camera all the way down and looking underwater, if you can do that than it is not fordable since its deep, the other way is to select a unit (Any unit vehicle or infantry) and use a move command (quick,fast whatever) and try and plot a waypoint on the water, if you can't its not fordable.

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Alternative ways of finding ford locations are:


  1. Select a vehicle and a movement command, now hover over the river and see the Ghost Buster symbol and drag it around until you see the OK symbol - you found a ford.
  2. Drop to camera level one and get into the water.  Swim around you will see fords pretty readily.

I actually do #2 quite a lot the first time I am looking at a new map.

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Select a vehicle, activate any movement order and hover cursor above a tile - if the vehicle can enter it, the cursor will remain green. If it can't be entered then the cursor turns red.


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